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Week 91 - "Busy Week" - May 28 - June 3 (Primavera)

Today's letter is going to contain some info from two letters.  One letter was written to everyone and some additional info pulled from a letter to his Mom.  He did not have time for pictures this week but I was able to find a couple that were posted last week on Facebook from Sister Marble.  He promises new pictures for next week!

So this last week has been pretty nuts. We had all 3 of the zone conferences that we're involved in, so we saw all of the missionaries in the whole mission except for Cajamarca in these past few days. This a list of all the zones:

Casa Grande (18 missionaries - Stake - 1 to 1 1/2 hours north of Trujillo)
Cajamarca (22 missionaries - Stake - 7 hours north of Trujillo)
Central (24 missionaries - Stake - Trujillo)
Esperanza (26 missionaries - Stake - Trujillo)
Este (22 missionaries - Stake - Trujillo)
Guadalupe (16 missionaries - District - 3 to 4 hours north of Trujillo)
Porvenir (18 missionaries - Stake - Trujillo)
Primavera (14 missionaries - Stake - Trujillo)
Oficina (4 missionaries - technically in the primavera stake, but don't count as a part of the 14 missionaries in the primavera zone)

On Tuesday, we were with Casa Grande and Guadalupe. They are usually very happy and very excited because you don't see each other quite as much when you are further outside of Trujillo. Although some of them have a 4 hour bus ride and the conference always starts at 8am so you can do the math to see how much they sleep the night before haha. Elder Israel is still out there in Casa Grande (my old companion) and is doing a wonderful job.

On Thursday, we were with Esperanza, Porvenir, and Primavera. It's our largest group and for whatever reason, they are usually the livelier missionaries haha.

On Friday we had Central and Este, and for whatever reason, they were super quiet and it was harder to get participation out of them, but it was still a great training. On those 3 days, we taught the missionaries about the role of the Holy Ghost, and how to teach our investigators to recognize it. It was a cool topic, and we enjoyed getting prepared for it as well.

Today was tranquilo, we did a lot of cleaning in our room and I went with Elder Moore so that he could go buy some scripture was really laid back, but I just kinda felt lazy with writing, so that's why I'm taking so long, sorry! 

Here's an experience that I shared with President in my letter to him today:
During this past week, we have actually been able to find several new people to teach that have been great references from the ward. The members are now taking us to visit their friends and family and we feel that we will start to have much more success now. Also, a very special experience happened in these past few days; during our training on Thursday, a lady came to the chapel and rang the doorbell asking if she could talk with missionaries. Hermana Bentley let her in and began talking to her, and it appeared that she had been looking for the missionaries for quite some time, but with little success. Hermana Bentley took her into a room, sat her down, and began talking with her. This lady expressed her desires to form a part in a church and to become closer to Christ and said that she wanted to help her family do the same, and began to cry, saying ''I never cry, why am I crying?'' Hermana Bentley explained to her the role of the Spirit (exactly what we were training about in a different room at the same time), gave her a Book of Mormon, got her address and phone number and told her that missionaries would come soon. That day, we called and set an appointment to visit her on Friday at 2:30pm. We knocked on her door the next day, and saw that she had been waiting for us. We taught the Restoration to her and her 10 year old daughter outside of the door, and they ate up our words. We asked them both what their desires were and this sister's daughter said that she had always wanted to be baptized and follow Christ. Her mother was in awe and broke into tears. She told us, ''I have never heard my daughter so happy and excited to do something before in my life!'' We invited both of them to be baptized and they both accepted, and also committed to come to church tomorrowOn Sunday, we will be teaching them again with her husband as well. It was such a wonderful experience and it became very clear to us that she had been prepared by the Lord and that after months of searching, her prayers were finally answered.

Love you all!

Elder Babbel

Pizza is always a good thing!

Office Elders and Sis. Marble

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