Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 3 - September 24 - 30

It was a busy week and he is now half way through his Missionary training experience.  In 3 more weeks he will be off to Trujillo.  Here is his latest letter:

Hey all! So I totally forgot my journal today, and I have literally no time at all, so I'll do my very best to recount everything that happened during this last week. Things have been pretty much the same, but we've been able to hear a whole bunch of devotionals from some of the apostles and we also got to watch Elder Scott's funeral which was super sad, but also a great spiritual recap of his life.

Crap. I literally don't remember what happened.. We have been teaching a lot more, sometimes 2 lessons a day and for 30 minutes each. Oh yeah! We got a new district leader, so my companion is able to take it a little bit easier now. He has been kinda stressing out lately, but it's all cool now because there's another great guy taking charge. His name is Elder Orton, he's from Wyoming and he says 'baller' and 'chill' a lot haha. We've been having the same things for lunch and dinner everyday, and it's actually getting really old haha. Chicken and rice for every meal also doesn't really supply a lot of nutrients either so I've been super greatful for my Cliff Bars lately (love you mom). Today, P-Day, was pretty flippin sweet though. We got to go the temple again, and I went without headphones at all. Translating everything into Spanish kinda gives you a headache, but it was still an incredible experience. Later on, we went to the supermarket again, and a bunch of the Elders and I got these sweeeeeeeeet hotdogs. It was literally the best hotdog I've ever had, and the single best thing I've had in Peru so far haha. I basically inhaled it, and was super bummed that we had to leave before I got another one. Elder Wynn and I also played like ten thousand hours of soccer this week and most of it was today. I got the nickname 'Dempsey' from the Latinos which is actually super cool. That reminds me, I'm loving the Latinos this transfer! They're super friendly, not as crazy, and incredible at soccer. Elder Muñoz especially (the one in the white shirt in the pictures) is insaaaaaaane. Well, I that's all I can remember for this week, I'm so sorry! I promise I'll have a whole bunch more this next week. Oh yeah, and I've been marking my favorite scriptures of the day in my personal studies, so I'll keep you updated on those. Ever since I've been out here, my desires to study the gospel have increased 10 fold, and every scripture seems to be 100 times as applicable. I love you all! ¡Viva Peru!

This must be a banana tree outside of the soccer field.  Apparently the Latinos are nicknaming Jonah "Dempsey" because he is scoring so many goals! Is that a Croatian soccer Jersey!  Besides the Chicken and Rice he says he eats some Peruvianized eggs, toast and yogurt.  He gets to play the piano a few times a week and is excited to get the piano music we sent.

Jonah feeling Tall

Banana Tree

Photo Bomb

Jonah's District of Elders

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