Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 4 - October 1 - 7

Jonah has been working very hard and his enthusiasm shows in his latest letter.  In his letter he mentions that he is now a Zone Leader with his companion Elder Wynn.  They are assigned to be leaders of the English speaking missionaries in the CCM. They will be responsible for helping to organize and run meetings and interview other missionaries.

Hola everybody! Sorry for the shorter email last week, I totally
spaced bringing my journal, but I have it this time! So this last week
was super fantastic. We've been teaching more and have had much more
difficult investigadores. Our new guy's name is Yosimar, and he always
pretends like he's falling asleep whenever we teach him which is
pretty discouraging haha. But Elder Wynn and I are getting much better
at teaching in Spanish and building off of each other's testimonies.

So on Thursday, We watched a talk by Elder Bednar and it was super
awesome. I had seen it before, but it's way more applicable now
because I'm on my mission. I'll take a picture of my journal so you
guys can see the story and hopefully be able to decrypt my handwriting
lol. (rather than attach his pictures here is a link to the talk)
On Friday, we taught Matias again and it went super well. It's super
weird because the first 3 weeks, we could barely fill 10-15 minutes,
but in now, 25 minutes is way too short.

On Saturday, we had our first day of General Conference woot woot! My
favorite talks were by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and Jeffrey R. Holland.
Uchtdorf talked about simplifying our approach to discipleship and how
the gospel isn't complicated. Sometimes it can seem that way just
because it's new, but I've found the gospel to not only be true, but
incredibly simple and practical. Elder Holland spoke about how a
mother's love is the closest comparison to Christ's love. It was
basically a big shout out to Mom's everywhere, so I highly recommend
people post it around on Facebook.

On Sunday,  we had another day of General Conference woot woot! I
really enjoyed hearing from the 3 new apostles that were called this
conference. I also super enjoyed Elder Koichi Aoyagi's talk about
trials. Sometimes it's really confusing why good people seem to face
difficult trials. And it almost seems like you're being punished for
no reason. But I can assure you that trials are a blessing and keep us
moving and keep us humble. Sometimes it's just a way of God saying
that we need to rely less on our own strength, and more on Jesus
Christ and His Atonement. Stellar talk :)

On Monday, Elder Wynn and I were called as Zone Leaders which is
pretty cool! We are now responsible for all of the non-Latino
missionaries in the whole CCM, which means a whole bunch of extra
responsiblities, but it's also a huge honor that we were chosen.

On Tuesday, it was just an average day until we taught our lesson that
night. Elder Wynn and I did super awesome! Our teacher was super
impressed at our level of Spanish, but honestly, it wasn't even us. I
phrased sentences that I had never even done before while practicing
in class. It was completely guided by the Spirit, and it was just
incredible to be a vessel of the Holy Ghost. I hope that we can more
lessons just like that one.

Today, we went to this huge supermarket place called Metros, and it
was loco crazy haha. It was jam packed and the streets were
overflowing with people and cars and craziness. But it was a super
awesome experience, because Elder Wynn and I were able to talk to this
super sweet old lady about the gospel, and about how it could help her
in her life. We bore our testimonies about how our lives have been
changed by the gospel, and how the Book of Mormon taught of Jesus
Christ and his ministery in the Americas. We gave her a book of Mormon
and she said that she would read and pray about it. She was seriously
the sweetest thing, talking slower and using simple words because she
could obviously tell that we were super white haha.

Alright, so that was basically everything that happened this week! I
love you all! I'll send pictures! Oh yeah, and my favorite scriptures of
the week are below :)

Mosiah 4:19-20
Mosiah 5:15
Alma 36:25
1 Nephi 3:7 (ire y hare)
Mosiah 7:19
1 Nephi 4:34
3 Nephi 27:27
D&C 122:7-9
Mosiah 14:3-5
D&C 121:45-46
Haha sorry that was a lot, but these are all fantastic! 1 Nephi 3:7 is
way better in Spanish btw :)

Jonah with his new Peruvian Soccer Jersey

Jonah and Elder Herde

Jonah and Elder Zorate, who just left to Bolivia

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