Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 6: October 15 - October 19

We had a bit of a surprise this week.  On Monday we received a notice that Jonah's debit card was charged by a Lima Airline.  Well today we found out Jonah left a day early (yesterday) and is now in Trujillo, Peru!  Done with training and ready to go to work.  He was able to send a very short email which you can find below.  We won't be able to get an update until next Monday.  The good news is that President Sister Marler do keep a blog and they took pictures of the missionaries arriving at the Airport!  So Jonah looks happy and skinny (nothing new). 

Hey! So I officially arrived in Trujillo Peru! We were a little thrown off because we left a day earlier than everyone else. I'm safe and well and just about to get assigned a mission and a companion. I love you all so much! Let everyone know I won't be able to respond until Monday 
Viva Peru!

Arriving at the Trujillo Airport
Greeting the Missionaries (President and Sister Marler)

The new Welcome sign for Trujillo North Mission

On the bus heading to the Mission Home

A stop at the new Trujillo Temple

At the Mission Home

Just found this charge on his debit card - maybe not starving -
seriously they are everywhere

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  1. Hi there David and Les! My mom just shared the link to this great blog and I've loved reading and seeing the pics! What a great missionary! Isn't it crazy that we're doing this???! It's been wonderful, even tho' we're still adjusting to the HOLE in our family. I'm so grateful that Alec is one of the many powerful missionaries out in the world. Thanks for sharing Jonah's experiences and lots of love to all of you! XO Tanya and all