Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 71 "Hello" Jan 11 - Jan 16 (Casa Grande)

Another best week of his life!  If you didn't know, when he mentions "interchanges" he and his missionary companion, Elder Israel, go and trade places with another missionary for the day.  I think the idea is to learn from other missionaries and share ideas on how to be successful.  They also went to visit another one of Peru's many archaeological sites.  This one is called El Brujo.  Follow the link for more information about this area.  It is about a 30 minute bus ride from Casa Grande.

Hey Everybody! So this week has been a wild one! It's been so great to be able to get out and teach and help people every day without a lot of distractions. We have been really blessed and we were able to bless the lives of others this week. Here's a little bit of what happened.

On Thursday, we were able to head down to Trujillo again to have an interchange with the asistants which was super great. It was kind of funny too, because they just recently changed areas, and it just so happened to be one of the anterior areas of Elder Israel! So when he went out with Elder Carman (one of the asistants) he was able to kind of show him around and help him to visit people that he had taught before when he served in the area. For Elder Nuñez (the other asistant) and I, we were both pretty lost for the whole time, but we were able to teach and talk with a lot of diferent people. It's so different in the city than out more in the country, the people are way more friendly in the country. Usually the city life is a little more rushed than in the country, but it was still really great to talk to all these different types of people.

On Friday, we came back from Trujillo and were able to do another interchange with some missionaries in Cartavio (a town close by to Casa Grande), and I was with Elder Wilson. We saw some really cool things happen and were able to meet some great new people. There was a lady, Carmen, that we knocked her door because we had some time in between appointments. It just happened to turn out that her dad had passed away a few weeks ago and had been visiting counselors and a pyschatrist because she took it really really hard. It is one of the most special things that we experience as missionaries when we can teach the best message of faith to someone that has lost all faith. You can see desperation turn to flickers of hope in their eyes in the moment that we talk and testify of Jesus Christ,the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation. It was a great little contact that we were able to do on that interchange. and the Plan of Salvation

Also, on Saturday, we reprogammed the baptismal interview of Julio Aznaran and he's back on track for a baptismal date this 21st. We are so excited for him!! We will let you know of what happens next week.

We just got back from our Pday and we were able to go to this super cool place called ''El Brujo'' with the highlight of ''La Dama de Cao''. It was seriously so cool! We went with just two other elders, Elder Palmer and Elder Guerra. I'll be sending pictures in just a sec.

Alright, well I love you all so much, and I hope that you have a wonderful week. If you've never heard of the Plan of Salvation, check out this link, and it'll explain everything   
I love you all, Cuídense muchísimo!

On the way to El Brujo

The El Brujo site

Excavation area

That is a cute kid!

In the museum they were able to see the Lady of Cao mummy but could not take pictures

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