Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 69 - "One Story" Dec 26 - Jan 1 (Casa Grande)

This week's letter from Jonah was a bit short.  He did include a story about some people they have been meeting.  He also was answering some questions that Leslie had and I have included those as well.  He didn't email until the end of the afternoon so I think they must have had a busy day!  He also sent some photos about the New Year traditions.

  In this week, we have found so many families! That's what we've been praying for and working to find. And in this week we found and taught a couple of families and then also have several futuros that are families. That has really been our focus of the entire week and will continue to be for the rest of the mission. We've been seeing really cool things happening here in the area, and a lot of help from the members. Just the other day, we were talking with the dad of a family of members. We were talking to him about having a noche de hogar in his house and we asked him to invited people to come. While we were talking, his neighbor passed by, and so he invited her and her family to come. The whole family didn't make it, but the mom and her son did, and it was completely perfect. If she has questions, or a problem, or a doubt, she now has us AND her neighbor. The neighbor can take her to church, the neighbor can help in the lessons, and the neighbor can hopefully baptize her one day. This is how missionary work should happen.

Some information about his new companion Elder Israel -

Elder Israel is the best!!! He's from Lima Este (right next to La Lomina where the temple is). He's 19, his birthday is in June, so that means that hasta ahora, all of my companions are older than me haha. He knows english pretty well so we practice a lot. He has one transfer less than me, so we both have basically the same exact time in the mission which is really cool. He learns really quickly and he is wayyyyyyy more willing to work. I'm really excited. We're already working really hard and seeing a lot of cool things happen in the area and the zone. We should have a few baptisms in january and several for february. I hope I stay here forever haha.

Apparently they aren's supposed to eat the ceviche - 

Haha we can't ceviche, it's against the mission rules because it's raw fish. Dang it, but that's okay. We eat there every day. I'm getting a little bit of chub. Maybe you've noticed. I'm so self conscience but we started to go and run in the mornings. Elder Israel likes to run so that's awesome. Yeah. Whatever. La buena vida y la poca vergüenza hahaha dang it.

Mr. Potato Head!!!!Hahhaahah, so in Peru, during new years, they make these big huge dolls made out of paper and wood. And some of them are REALLY big, like double this guy. Some of them are really intricate too. But then at 12.00am they burn them jaja, so weird. But yeah this was one in front of our room

It really is huge!

With Nasya!

Sometimes, they just make people life size ones. I don't really get it, but it's really funny to me.

Elder Quiñonez!!! He put plastic wrap on his face jajaja

VIdeo of me and Elder Israel. All the latinos say ''fetching'' haha it's really funny

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