Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 68 - "MERRY CHRISTMAS BRO" Dec 19 - Dec 25 (Casa Grande)

So a super awesome Christmas yesterday as we were able to chat with Jonah online for an hour.    Gabe even got Jonah to do a 'dab' (see photo below)  He and Elder Bolivia had a wonderful Christmas with the baptism of Hermana Linda.  And he will be getting a new companion tomorrow more information in his letter below.  

Wow!! What a wonderful Christmas!!!!! These past 2 weeks (sorry by the way) have been absolutely wonderful!!!!! So, I didn't really mention it, but there were transfers this past week!! I'm staying here (not too big of a surprise), but Elder Bolivia is heading out.. He's been here for a while now (7months) so we were expecting it, but it's still really sad! We've had a wonderful time together and have seen some really special miracles. We've been helping to build up Casa Grande, after not having baptisms for several months. But now there are several people progressing and more baptisms on the way. Elder Bolivia is going to Central! Elder Reyes is finishing his mission this week, and so Elder Bolivia is heading back there. He served there at the start of his mission, so that will be really cool for him. Soooooo, my new companion for this transfer is Elder Israel!!!! Another Limeño! Jajaja, he'll be my 5th companion from Lima, so funny. He has about 14 months in the mission, so just about the same time as me, and this will be his first time as a zone leader (like with Elder Reyes). I'm super excited to start working with him, and we are super excited to see more daily miracles here in Casa Grande

In this last week, Hermana Linda was baptized!! Such an incredible person. She was baptized on Christmas Day at 10:30am right after the sacrament meeting. It was a really special experience, and a whole bunch of people were able to go because it was right after church. She's so great. There's a couple pictures that I sent of her, she was soooooo happy :) Then, the same day, I got to use Skype with the fam. It was so great to see everybody! We are so blessed to have a complete family. There are not very many here, and it's hard and sad. But that is exactly why we are here as missionaries. To join families together and help them to be able to live forever. It's the best and happiest work that has existed, exists, and will exist. I love being a missionary!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the snow, I heard there's a whole bunch! We're still waiting for our share here in Casa Grande, but it's like 85 degrees here haha. Anyway, I love you all! Have a great rest of a year, and set goals and plans for the next year. I promise you all that if you can set REAL RESOLUTIONS 2017 will be an incredible year. Say Your Prayers, Read The Scriptures, Do Service, Follow Christ.

Love you all
paz y bendiciones

Elder Reyes!!!! We got back together....haha he's still chubby :)

Nasya bebe!!

Christmas with the Familia Parodi!!!!

Linda was baptized!!!!

The Dab

Merry Christmas!

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