Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 66 - "Chamba = Vida" Dec 5 - Dec 11 (Casa Grande)

No, Google translate does not know what chamba means - (see his email below).  I think because it is more of a slang term for "work" or "job".  What a great story about Hermana Linda in his email.  It is great to meet so many amazing people who have overcome adversities.  His pension family is also sending some additional pictures of Jonah and the food that they are eating. And there is a nice video tour of his apartment.  The little girl in the other video is pointing to her pancita or panza "tummy".

I'm not sure if that comes up on Google but it means work haha. Peruvian jerga. This past week has been straight chamba, and it's been great. We took a break from interchanges and just worked the two of us really hard. It's been a wonderful week! We have a few investigators with baptismal dates for this month, and they are progressing well. Today I want to talk just about Hermana Linda.Hermana Linda is the best! Her granddaughter was baptized about 8 months ago, and just recently she has taken interest in the Church and has a baptismal date for the 23rd of Diciembre. One really special thing about Hermana Linda is she's deaf, but not just the old-age deaf. She has a disease that has completely killed her ear drums and now, even with the best hearing aids in the world, can't hear anything. The same disease has been also attacking her heart, and now uses something similar to a pacemaker. Also, about 2 years ago, the same disease made her lose track of all senses. Her body stopped working and a machine was keeping her alive for about 5 months. Her last memory of those 5 months was pleading to God that she could snap back to her senses, and that she would do His will if He would bless her with her senses again. God blessed her, and now she can walk, talk, and see again, but she has been left without the ability to hear. Because it was so recent, she hasn't learned to use signs, so instead, we a have to type everything out on a computer and she reads it and responds. SHE IS INCREDIBLE!!! Her faith in God and in Christ is so strong. She's not letting anything get in between her and her baptismal date for the 23rd. This last Sunday, she changed her schedule for her dialysis in the hospital to 4am just so that she could get back at 9am for church. She is so great, and such an incredible example to Elder Bolivia and me. I will be sending pictures for this next week. She's been doing wonderfully and is continuing to progress in her repentance process. It's really fun teaching her, she's so funny haha.
Anyway, we've been working hard here in Casa Grande, and we're excited for the Christmas season. I love you all so much! Did you check out the video at Haha, it's so great. Have a great Christmasy Week!

Peruvian Christmas Tree

Nasya!!! So funny

Camera Shy

Casa Grande Street

To the right are Sugar Cane fields

Pretty Neat stuff!

Que rico Anticucho - (that would be cow heart)


Family Dinner

Elder Babbel and Elder Bolivia

Pescado relleno 


Tour of the Apartment


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