Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 67 - "Quick Email" Dec 12 - Dec 18 (Casa Grande)

This was a quick email from Jonah.  It was really a quick response to a few questions that I had about Hermana Linda (see last week's post) and about Casa Grande.  He said that he had a super busy day and didn't have time to write much but that he would be making it up on Christmas day by chatting on Skype.  So I  guess that is what we have to look forward to.  But still a longer email would be great!  He did send a few more photos.

Hermana Linda is doing really well, she couldn't make it to church for health issues, so I think her baptism will be for the 30th or the 31st. of Diciembre. It is hard for her because of her health but she manages. In the Casa Grande Stake, there is one ward in Chicama, one in Ascope, two in Casa Grande, and one in Paijan. Then there is a branch in Chocope, and another branch in Cartavio. Everything is really REALLY spread out, except for the two wards in Casa Grande. We had an interchange with Paijan and you  have to take a car for 30 minutes on the ''freeway''  to get out there. Paijan to Cartavio or to Chicama takes about an hour. Kinda crazy.

Hermana Susana (This hilarious member in our ward) Had her birthday. We make her laugh jaja

Interchange with Elder Plazas (also from Lima jaja)

Some statue of a dude in Casa Grande. His name is Miguel Grau. Not too sure why he's important but he sure looks tough

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