Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 65 - "Ya llega Navidad....." Nov 28 - Dec 4 (Casa Grande)

Leslie noticed that Jonah's hair was short in a picture that was posted on the Trujillo North Peru Mission Facebook page and mentioned it to Jonah in an email.  He thought it was funny that his Mom would notice something like that in the pictures.  Missionary Mom's love their Missionaries!  Jonah said his current pensionista (cook) is a Pro Chef and is wanting to cook some things from home so we are going to send some recipes so he can have some familiar meals.  We will see how it turns out.

Christmas is basically here you guys. Do you understand what that means???? Man I love Christmas so much. It's seriously the best time of the year. Especially as a missionary in Peru. It's soooo easy to talk about Christ in Peru during the Christmas Season. Everybody's got Him on their minds and it's a really nice change compared to basically the whole rest of the world. Even if they don't always show it, the people here is very Christ-centered. That's why I've officially decided to become Peruvian and live here in Casagrande hahaha. Anyway, I'm loving the Christmas season here and we are really excited to be sharing the Spirit of Christmas with others.

In this last week, we had been inviting a whole bunch of people to go to church for the devotional on Sunday night. We've also been showing everybody this great video called ''Light the World'' which is on It also comes with this really cool advent calandario (I forgot how to spell that in English..) that helps us to ''light the world'' in 25 different ways in 25 different days. Super Cool! Check it out!

Also in this last week, we had an interchange with some of the Elderes in a branch out in Cartavio. I got to stay here in Casagrande with Elder Angulo. He's so great! He's a newer missionary from Lima that has some incredible desires to be a great missionary. We had a great day together and saw some cool miracles, especially with this one family. The mom, Maria, is a member of the Church, but her husband, Luis, is not. They have one daughter, named Celeste and she is 9, and her dad has not wanted for her to be baptized. So we were looking for this family for about the whole week, but we could never find them, but finally at almost the VERY last moment of the day while we were heading back to our room, we saw the TV on in the house, knocked on the door, and he invited us to come in.  So it's a really delicate situation and you can't just go in and tell this hermano what's up and what's going to happen, so we had a great lesson with him about importance of repentance and baptism. We felt a really special spirit there and we know that he did too, but he hasn't recognized it yet. We are going to be working with the family in these days and are helping Hermano Luis to recognize what the Spirit is and what it means when we feel it. Cool stuff.

So that has been our week! It's going great here! I love every second of it, especially during this time of the year. Go to to check out the video!! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!

We had an interchange with the Elderes in Cartavio. Elder Angulo! He's a great missionary from Lima.

Jonah thought he was taking a picture not a video

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