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Week 81 - "Quick Things" Mar 18 - Mar 24 (Primavera)

The flooding seems to be letting up in the Trujillo area.  We had a few questions about what has been going on in the mission.  The first part of his letter are answers to those questions.  He is also finding opportunities to teach and has a great story about a family they met.  We are so glad he is safe and continue to pray for the safety of all the people of Peru.

Hey so I don't have a lot of time, but I'm gonna try to respond to your questions and also send a part of the letter to President about an investigator. I love you! We were just in a baptism of the secretaries, but we have a baptism next Sunday, so I'll let you know about that!

Yeah, so we were talking to the Elders in Casa Grande and we organized an escape plan for them jaja, they didn't need to leave because it was so dangerous, only because if it got any worse, they would be cut off from Trujillo, so no one was in any real danger. They are now staying in a building that a member owns that is renting it out to them for free. We were in charge of planning their ''escape'', finding lodging, finding pensionista, finding laundery, and constantly finding water for them. It was a huge puzzle and search game, but they are all situated fine now.

One quick thing, the video of the drone going over Trujillo is a big joke and a huge lie. Some fool put that video on the web to freak everyone out. IT IS NOT THAT BAD!!!!!!! I mean there are a lot of people affected, but all of Trujillo is not flooded. They took a video of some other city (I don't even know which) and put Trujillo. We looked at the places on Google Maps and they don't even exist here in Trujillo, so don't freak out. Everything is calming down now, there's almost no more things going on, just a little bit of rain.

About the Elder that was in the bus. He is completely fine, had very minor injuries, and is now proselyting, just yesterday we did service with him, moving somebody into a new house. He's a total hero and his story is going everywhere jaja, but he is completely fine.

We have plenty to eat and drink, and we are very well taken care of. We are missionaries of the only true church, so I don't really doubt that we'll be fine. Keep praying for us, but don't worry. I know that's hard, but really. We're fine here.

It's so great to hear from the family and I hope that everything is going okay with the demolition. I saw that picture of Dad cooking or something, in the basement, saw the hallway to my room, and thought ''I hope they don't go in there, it's probably a mess.'' And then I realized that there's not a mess in my room haha, it was a little panic attack hahahahha! So proud of Seth! I don't have time today, but I will write him next week on his birthday, because it's a Saturday.

In our area, we have been able to teach an hermana que se llama Hermana Kenia Salazar, and she is incredible! She came from Huanuco to live with her sister and has come to church 3 times now and has a baptismal date for this next Sunday. She has really strong and good desires to follow Christ, and more than anything, she wants her 2 sons to be on the right track. Just yesterday, we were teaching her and talked about the importance of going to church, and we really focused on why it will be important for her sons, one of which has not come with her yet. Elder Nuñez mentioned that someday, her son could maybe even be a missionary like us, and she said ''I want that more than anything else in the world'' and started crying and told us that she has been having a lot of problems with her son and that she wants to gain his trust back and help him to return to God, but she has been so lost and never knew how to do it. We testified of the power that Christ has that is found within His church and she seemed to find comfort in our words and will do everything she can to get her son to church this Sunday. We are praying and fasting for Kenia and her son today! The gospel isn't just for individuals, it's for families, and maybe I didn't realize it too much, but now that I am surrounded by so many families without it, it's so obvious how many blessings we have received as a family. I'm so grateful that my family is eternal and that we are able to enjoy the blessings plainly in my life. 

I love you!!!! Have a great week! Enjoy the gymnastics meet! Tell Gabe good luck!!!!! Love you more than PR's and having a clean room!! xooxoxoxoxoxoxoox

A trip to the beach

Coastal Desert

Reed Canoes

Some Birds at the Ocean 

Looks like they are collecting Water Bottles! 

These guys are just funny

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