Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 78 - "Sorry, no time!" Feb 25 - Mar 2 (Primavera)

This week's email is a bit sparse.  Sounds like Jonah must be super busy.  P-Day has been a bit inconsistent so we were surprised to get an email during the middle of the day on Friday.  We had no time to reply he was already off of the computer.  There are a few pictures but they seem to be all about Ping Pong, so I will not post all 55 of them - haha!

Hey I love you so much! There's like no time, but this week has been great! We've been working way hard and we're getting a lot of different people prepared for baptism. March and April should be great months. I love you! I will be on P-day on Friday, and will always let you know from now on when I'm writing. Have a great week!!  (By the way I bought 10 ties for 50 soles which is like 15 dollars so that was cool!)

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