Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week 77 - "Crazy Week!" Feb 18 - Feb 24 (Primavera)

Sometimes we are unsure of what Jonah's responsibilities consist of.  He says that the role of Assistant to the President has changed with President and Sister Marble.  Jonah and his companion spend a lot of their time working with the other Zone Leaders throughout the mission.  He said "We are supposed to show the zone leaders and the rest of the mission how to proselyte, contact, teach, work with members, and baptize."  I think he is most grateful that he does not have to spend his day in the office.

So this week has been pretty wild! We've been keeping really busy here in our area with more interchanges and proselyting. You kind of lose track of time a little bit, and then you get to the end of the week, and it seems like only a day has gone by. I'm pretty astonished that it's Saturday again. I find myself here writing again, without having taken any pictures again, haha sorry. But I am so happy right now. Keeping busy makes you happy, as long as you can keep it under control, not build up stress, and stay positive. So anyway, I'll give a couple details of the week.

We had a great Sunday sacrament meeting, and there was an hermano from the stake that came and gave an excellent talk! He talked about what it really means to ''endure to the end'', and it really helped me that day. Sunday, by the way, is supposedly observed as the day of rest. But for missionaries and others with church callings, it is possibly the most tiring day of the week. There's a lot of meetings and we have a full day of proselyting and by the end of the day you get back just pooped. But the talk last Sunday really helped me to ''press forward with a steadfastness in Christ''.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we had some interchanges and so we spent the day with the missionaries in Casa Grande and Central, which were two of the areas that I had already served in, so that was cool to see how everything was doing in their areas. There's been a little bit of change in the interchanges, so now, instead of one missionary staying in the area and one missionary leaving in each area, we just have the two of them come to our area so it's 4 of us together. I'm not sure if that made any sense at all hahaha, but yeah, we always stay in our area, when in the past, we would go to their area as well. We found some incredible people during those interchanges and were able to find several new families and people that are going to progress. We are still working with the family that we took fotos with, and it looks like they will make it to church this week (they had an emergency last week). They are the best!

On Thursday night, we were helping a missionary in the hospital that was having some health issues (nothing too serious), and so we were there until pretty late, but something super hilarious happened there! We were all sitting down waiting for a room to become available, and we were just talking, when a nurse peeks her head out of a door and says a patients name. But she said it really quietly and nobody could understand her. So Elder Morote, one of the secretaries, gets up and says loudly ''I can't understand what you're saying!''. The lady looked at him super confused and didn't respond, and that was when Elder Morote realized that he had just talked in English and that the poor lady couldn't understand what he was saying either. We all died laughing while Elder Morote tried explaining himself. It was even funnier because Elder Morote was the only one out of the 4 of us that even looked Latino, but was the only one that spoke in English hahaha. We all got a good kick out of it.

Today we're going to be playing a lot of futbol so that'll be fun, and I might send extra pictures mas tardecita. I'm doing great here and I'm loving every minute with my companion, I'm super blessed to be with him. I hope that you all are doing great at home, and that you keep it up with your attitudes! Learning how to laugh instead of complain is very important. The next time that nothing turns out ''like it should have'', just laugh, and figure it out together. Complaining never got anyone anywhere. I love you all so much! Laugh it up! Chao!

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