Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 75 - "No mucho time" Feb 5 - Feb 11 (Primavera)

Apologies for being behind on the blog!  I was out of town and couldn't get to it.  Jonah is enjoying the first week as AP.  Sometimes it means he will have a lot of office work to do and help with other missionaries but in his mission he still has time to teach people and visit ward members so he is excited to not lose that part of missionary life. 

Hey everybody! How are you all doing?? It sounds like there is still a lot of snow haha, it's still warm here. So this week has been super great! It's been a little crazy but I've been learning to run on less sleep haha. But in this week we've been working really hard in our area and have also been able to do some other fun stuff.

So this past week has been a great one! I got into the swing of things with receiving the new missionaries and the consejo de lideres, but now we're really excited to have full proselyting time and are getting ready for the string of intercambios that we have coming up. In this past week, we were able to teach several people and find a ton of new potential investigators, but we were really struggling to convert those into actual new investigators. But just last night, we were able to teach a full family, and they are so great!! They are a family of 7; the father, his wife, their 4 children, and also the father's brother. They were all pretty timid when we first talked to them in the door, but they invited us in, and we were able to teach all of them and invite them to church. They want to we had an excellent testimony that came from a member accompanying us. We were all able to feel a sweet spirit, and we are hoping to see the family come to church this Sunday. 

In this last week, it was really great to be able to see the new missionaries come in and help them set their missions off straight. They all seem very focused and willing to be obedient, so we are excited to keep helping them and see how they can progress. The 3 Brazilians are awesome!

Elder Nuñez and I are doing really great and we're excited to baptize this transfer. We have some pretty good goals, and we will be working as hard as possible to get it all done. The hermana is really prepared, but she got confused in some doctrine and we need to go back and explain things that she had confused, but in the end, she said that she was not ready to be baptized this Saturday (today). It was a sad moment, but we were there to help her and gave her some encouragement, and got an appointment with her to keep her animated and clear things up in her confusion. I think we all learned that day a little more about the Lord's timeline and the willingness that we should have to follow it.

Tonight we are going to teach the sister again to replan her date for this next saturday or sunday. We are excited for her baptism! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all so much!

The Bentley's and Elder Nunez

With Elder Nunez

Welcoming the new missionaries arriving at the Airport

Elder Peek and Elder Babbel 
Elder Morote

Elder Peek and his "expiration" date

Frozen Cow Lung at the grocery store

Next to the frozen baby pigs

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