Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 84 - "Great Week" April 8 - April 14 (Primavera)

I find it amazing to think about all of the missionaries in Jonah's mission, and the other many missions, out in the homes of the Peruvians helping to rebuild and clean up.  The missionaries and the church have provided some great relief in the flooded areas of Peru.  Here is a link.  So happy Jonah is finding joy in service.  Here is his latest news!

So, this week has been a great one! We've been keeping really busy, still doing a lot of service, but also getting back to training and teaching again. It's also been really great to be here during Semana Santa and tomorrow with Pascua. So here in Perú, it has a lot of Spanish traditions which includes Semana Santa, which is basically like celebrating Easter but the whole week. Except there aren't any Easter eggs haha. So if you look at the life of Jesus Christ, His last week was a very special one, and it was kind of a roller coaster. Yesterday, Friday, He was crucified and laid in the tomb, and tomorrow, Sunday, He rose again. Everyone here has been celebrating in a lot of different ways, and we have been sharing different messages about the Resurrection, and it's been a wonderful experience. Just today, we were sitting in a combi (it's like a van that's used for public transportation), and we shared a message to everyone onboard about the importance of Easter today. If you want to know more about Holy Week, 
here's a cool link

During this week, we had 2 different multi-zone conference trainings and they were really fun! We were able talk about extending commitments and we did different practices with the missionaries. It's always really fun to see all of the missionaries together, and it helps us to keep us improving so that we can help the other missionaries as well.

We are still doing services here, but it's a lot less wet which is great. We were helping the same Hermana Juana this week, and we had to tear down her entire roof, so Elder Nuñez and I had a great time with that haha. So the roofs here sometimes vary a lot, but this particular roof was made out of something called calamina (not sure if there's a word for it in English..) but it's basically like metal pieces that kind of fit together, and you just nail it into wood so that it stays. (I think he is talking about corrugated tin) They leak a lot, but most people are okay with it because it basically never rains here.....but it just happened to rain A LOT here, so people were in pretty bad shape. To take her roof off, we just used a ladder and a couple hammers and a brick, and did a mini-demolition kinda thing. Now we just need to get new calamina up and her house will be as good as new, so that'll be great. She couldn't make it to church because of sick kids, but she is very committed for this week. We are so excited for her!

For Pday today, we went to 2 places called Shirán and Poroto, and it was SO COOL!!!! It's like halfway in between the mountains and the coast so it is still hot and humid, but there are huge mountains surrounding it. We took a combi out there and then went out to a look-out that was really beautiful. It was a great little adventure with the group.

Anyway, that was basically our week! We're doing great and we're loving every moment. I hope everyone can have a great Holy Week and Easter! Remember why it's a holiday and be grateful for the sacrifice that He made! I love you all so much!

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