Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 86 - "Disciple" April 21 - April 29 (Primavera)

Here is the latest from Trujillo.  Not sure where all of the pictures were taken, but some place they visited for P-day.  It sure will be fun to catch up on all of the things he has done and the places he has visited.  Does it sound like I am counting down the days?

Another wonderful week has flown by here in Trujillo. This past one has been filled again with interchanges, teaching, and miracles. It seems to be sort of a pattern in the mission, it's pretty great to be able to see so many things here, and see how much easier it is to follow Christ than any other thing. That's kind of something I've thought about a lot during the mission. I feel like a lot of people, especially here in Trujillo, have a hard time ''changing their lives to follow Christ'' because they have the fear of failing after they try or they are too caught up in the way they're living right now. Most people think that it would require radical changes in order to be a member, and in some cases that's true, but in the majority, it's not. Becoming a disciple of Christ is usually a process that requires faith, love, humility, and patience. It means choosing something difficult to receive a reward that we can't see yet. Some feelings are difficult to receive and to feel, like long-lasting peace, hope, forgiveness, and can only truly be received through living how Christ taught us to live. And the only way to really find out if it's the truth isn't just by believing someone for it, it's by trying it out for yourself with sincere intent and a willingness to accept that it might work. That's basically the only thing we do as missionaries is to invite others to try it and watch it work miracles in their own lives, always respecting the freedom to choice of every person. If I hadn't tried it myself in my own life, I wouldn't be in Perú, and I definitely wouldn't be a missionary. And that's why I love being here so much because I'm just sharing what I know is true to other people and hoping and praying that they can recognize the worth. It's the best!!

Anyway, this week has been great! We had a great interchange with the zone leaders in Porvenir and in Primavera. Elder McKamey and Elder Larrosa are in the Porvenir zone and it was such a blast working with them, we were able to teach a lot and find several new people. Elder Larrosa is going home this Monday so we sent him out to contact for the whole day so that he could stay focused hahaha! But they were able to meet and teach some incredible people so that's really cool. Later, we were with Elder Argueta and Elder Parkinson and we were able to do some great services those couple days. The cleaning in the main part of the city is winding down a lot and is almost back to normal, just with lots of road damages. Further up in the high part of Trujillo is still quite affected and there are still lots of service projects going on there, but luckily, the government has responded and is doing a lot to help. It's been a wild experience to go through all of that stuff, and we very thankful that it wasn't any worse than it was.

Update on Hermana Hoyjaní seems that her phone has either been broken or stolen because her phone number is no longer in service and the number no longer exists....its very difficult to find her in her home, so we have been searching for her. Today, we will try to find the hermanita that was giving the job, but she is hard to find as well. Anyway, we're sitting on pins and needles with the whole situation and I will hopefully can give the good news next week. We'll be praying!

I love you all so much! Hope you have a wonderful week! Keep doing your best!

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