Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 87 - "Great" April 30 - May 6 (Primavera)

I am always impressed by Jonah's positive attitude and his willingness to serve.  I am also impressed by the many great quotes and pieces of advice, I am looking forward to hearing how they sound in Spanish.  Next week we get email Saturday and a video call on Sunday!  No pictures this week but I found some posted by Sis. Marble on the Mission Facebook page.

Well, this week has been such a wonderful one!! We've kept really busy with different trainings and interchanges, and I really enjoyed a quick little nap just a little bit ago. It's been crazy! I'll try to get the details in.

So on Sunday, we had all of the Elders that were heading out stay in our room for their last night..a few got there at about 11pm, and then the ones coming down from Cajamarca got there at 4am...luckily we were able to sleep in between at least a little bit. That Monday we helped to get everyone off, and then headed out to proselyte.

On Tuesday, the new missionaries came in!! We weren't able to go to the airport this time, but we still helped with some of their training. The trainers this transfer were SO excited to be able to train, it just was so great to see. The trainers always come in and have to wait a little bit before they can see their new companions, and they were dying! They were seriously like little kids at Christmas! There are some fantastic missionaries in this missionary that we are blessed to have. They help inspire us to be better and be more excited about everything that we do. Seriously blessed to be here with these missionaries.

Wednesday, we had an interchange with Guadalupe and it was with Elder Angulo de León and Elder Wynn!! I hadn't taught with Elder Wynn for SO long! It was so cool to have a day to be back with my MTC companion....a lot has changed since we were last companions haha. We spent a wonderful day together and were able to teach some great people. It was really funny...we are really white so everyone was yelling ''gringo'' at us. Then we also taught a lesson out on somebody's porch with about 10 kids and one adult all in a circle with a bunch of chairs. They were all huddled together paying really close attention and looking at the picture book that we brought with us. Elder Wynn told them to raise their hands if they had a question and they all were so obedient and quiet and always raised their hands. It was a neat little experience there and quite spiritual.

Thursday morning, we had our consejo de líderes and were able to see all of the zone leaders of the mission together and we had an awesome meeting talking about how we can help out every zone. We got to break off into groups and we had some building experiences about how to be better Christ-like leaders. It was great! Right as we finished the meeting, we were able to have another interchange, but with Cajamarca, Elder Cuellar and Elder Carman. Elder Cuellar is a new zone leader and he has so much energy! He teaches really well and he helped me a lot to simplify my teaching which I struggle with sometimes. It was another great interchange!

Friday, we got back together, Elder Nuñez and I (finally), and had a great day of proselyting with some last minute service thrown in..we got our white shirts a little sweaty and dirty...but not quite like the times before haha.

It was a busy week! But it was so great being busy, it keeps us focused on the right things. I love being a missionary! I love you all so much, and hope you have an incredible week! ¡Hagan lo justo! And be creators of the situations, not creations of the situations. Love you!

A new office secretary - Elder Moore 
Welcoming new Missionaries

Conference Lunch

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