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Week 10 "Wowza" November 9 - November 15 (Cajamarca)

Well here is a quick turnaround, I just finished posting a delayed week 9 entry and we were able to hear from Jonah again!  He is having many great experiences that you can read about.  Some of his communications contain Spanish so get out your Google translate if you need it.  A couple of additional experiences that he had that aren't mentioned in the letter are also posted. He loves the haircuts.  He says he can get a shampoo, haircut, back massage and shave for $3.25!  He is still having a lot of rain but it doesn't seem to bother him at all.  He says that his area of the city in Cajamarca is kind of dirty and that the people are very "laid back".  He is really learning to love the people of Peru and is having great experiences. 

¡¡¡Holaaaaaa!!! This past week has been super incredible! I've learned a whole bunch more about the truthfulness of the gospel, but not just by hearing about it. I've had some pretty incredible experiences of living it first hand. Anyway, yeah, this past week was great. On Tuesday, we had a Zone Conference Training, which is even better than just a Zone Conference. Because it was all of Cajamarca, so 2 zones! It's always super fun to meet up with all of the other missionaries and practice together and also have fun together. We had lessons from both zone leaders and also the sister missionary leaders. They are all incredibly fantastic at teaching, and their Spanish is almost fluent even though most of them are whiter than sour cream lol. Hopefully I can speak like them at some point in the mission..because right now, it's rough with the irregular future and past tense. Like really rough haha. But I'm studying and praying every day for help. But yeah it was super fun to have that training. Also, on Thursday I had an incredible experience with fasting. So we've been having a tough time with members attending church lately, so we (missionaries in our barrio) decided that we should fast for our barrio, and our investigators, and it totally changed everything. We happened upon a missing dog of an investigator that really needed some cheering up, then taught 6 lessons which were all incredible. There was just an incredible envelopment of the Spirit. We met a super drunk dude in a park, and he told us that he never wanted to drink again and that he wanted to turn his life around and he felt something when we walked by and immediately knew that we could help. I know that this was the Spirit, and I know that we can help him come unto Christ and develop his faith. We sat him down on a bench in the park, said a prayer with him, and taught a short lesson about the love that the Savior has for him and the beautiful gift that we have called the Atonement. It was truly an incredible experience. I love giving people hope and joy. And I especially love being the answer to someone's prayer (which also happened but I don't have time to talk about it right now. Ask me if you want to hear more about it :) 

(We asked about it and his experience is posted below)

Anyway, yeah this week was awesome. All is well in Cajamarca and we're holding out in the rain haha. Love you all! ¡Viva Perú!
(Here is the experience he didn't have time to put in his letter)

Okay. So we were in between citas on Friday, and we decided to buy some powerade at a little tienda. We bought the powerade, and then decided that we should have a short little lesson with the owner of the tienda. She was devoutly religious just like basically everyone else haha, and so it was easy to start talking about Jesucristo and the Biblia and el evangelio. Anyway, we taught her about faith, and that fe sin obras es nada. And it was super spiritual and we knew she could feel it too. We asked if she would say the closing prayer, she said yes, and then gave the most heartfelt prayer I think I've ever heard. She started bawling in the middle, thanking Heavenly Father that we came and talked to her that day because she's been having a really difficult time with her family and has been struggling with a lot of things. She said she knew that we were an answer to her prayers and that she could feel God's love when we talked to her. Pretty awesome experience. Anyway, we have another appointment with her on Friday, and we're going to teach her the Restauración and ask her to be baptized. Super cool :

Jonah thinks Catamarca is kind of like Idaho

Elder Babbel and Andres (this is the son of their pensionista, who cooks 2 meals a day for them and does their laundry)

Josue (another son of the pensionista

Elder Babbel, Josue, Andres and Elder Salinas

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