Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 9 - November 2 - November 8 (Cajamarca)

Leslie and I were at a medical conference in Grand Cayman of all places, so I am late updating Jonah's blog.  He is doing great and says that it rains most days and probably will for the next several months.  He hit his head because there are too many low doorways.  Not much damage done.  Here is the letter: 

Hey everybodyyyyy! So this week, I'm deciding to be a little more short in my emails, so that I have more time to reply to other people. So yeah, this week was pretty incredible. It's been raining a butt load and we basically need our umbrellas and boots every day. I didn't know how much it was to jump into huge puddles of water with boots on until I came to Cajamarca. I only had to travel to Peru to find that one out lol. But yeah, I learned a lot about having an attitude of success, what that means, and how it can affect literally everything you do in your entire life. Elder Bond, one of the asistentes al Presidente Marler went proselyting con nosotros en Sábado. El dijo algo que es de gran importancia, ''Siempre tienen un actitud de éxito. Hay una diferencia entre de una actitud de éxito, y una actitud buena. Necesitan aprender y saber la diferencia, y si saben, su éxito será arriba de los cielos.'' We can`t just have a good attitude because that will only get us through the moments. By having an attitude of success, we can not only get through the difficult moments, but also succeed in the most difficult times. Elder Bond is truly incredible. We also had interviews with Presidente Marler on the same day, and he talked to us about the conditions of our heart. Not if they were healthy haha, but if we were really giving the mission everything that we can muster. If our desires are in line with God's desires. It was super poderoso and kinda chastizing too, but that's why I love Presidente. He is really straight and to the point, which is exactly what we need. Okay, besides that, everything else has been pretty normal this past week. Normal as far as being in back country Peru haha. Alright, I love you all, and you are always in my prayers! ¡Viva Perú!

A toilet in Peru - Jonah is glad it is not his

Too many short doorways in Peru!

Jonah often talks about the stray dogs all over the streets

More stray dogs

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