Saturday, November 28, 2015

Week 11 "Olo" November 16 - November 22 (Cajamarca)

Another fantastic week for Jonah.  He is so excited about the Vasquez family that they are teaching.  Apparently he did have a hamstring injury a few weeks ago while doing a 400 meter race (he says that he did win).  He is all healed up now.  He will be traveling to Trujillo this week for a training meeting of all missionaries that have been out for 5 weeks.  He is not looking forward to the 7 hour bus ride - each way!  Since he was going to be traveling on Thanksgiving he was able to celebrate Thanksgiving the week before and had mashed potatoes and turkey.

So this last week was super fantastic! We had some really great experiences, that will probably lead to some baptisms this upcoming Saturday! Which includes a family of 3! It was just a fantastic week in general :) 
So it started out with the family getting married about 3 weeks early which was incredible news. (by the way it's a thing that they families have to be married before baptism) Anyway, they talked to us and said that they think they are ready, but they need to have a stronger testimony of the Libro de Mormón, which is suepr essential. So later in the week, we had a testimony meeting specfically for them with the obispo y sus consejos y el presidente del estaca! It was super great, and I think that they are going to be ready to literally walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Later in the week, Nicolas (tiene 8 años), decided, out of nowhere really, that he wanted to baptized like his mom :) It was super cool and it really unanticipated haha. Elder Salinas and I both kinda looked at each other with our jaws to the floor because it's a big decision for anybody, especially an 8 year old. But yeah, It's possible that there are 5 baptisms in our ward this coming Saturday! And this is huge because our ward right hasn't had baptisms in over 2 months. I'm so excited to help all of these people progress closer to Christ, And baptism isn't the goal. The Vasquez familia could possibly be sealed in the temple this upcoming year. That means that they can literally live with each other in happiness for all of the eternities to come. It's difficult to comprehend eternity, especially when that eternity is one of bliss. I'm so excited that they can change their perspective to the eternities, and experience the joy that my family has right now. I love this work so much! And I love all of you so much too! ¡Viva Perú!

2nd Nefi 3:7-8
Mosiah 3:9
Romanos 1:162nd Nefi 9:5
1st Nefi 1:12

Jonah apparently likes the warm barley beverage
There are lots of stray dogs in Peru and Jonah apparently likes to take pictures of them.

Not sure if this is the turkey they ate for Thanksgiving

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