Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 12 "Woahhhhh yeah" November 23 - November 29 (Cajamarca)

Jonah did not end up traveling to Trujillo last week.  They had a conference in another part of Cajamarca so he only traveled 30 minutes.  He will be going to Trujillo for a Christmas program.  They may actually have some kind of a broadcast concert but we are not sure.  He also said that he may have the opportunity to start teaching piano lessons as a means to meet more people and find investigators.

So this last week was kind of a roller coaster.. A lot of good and some mas o menos too. But everything turned out okay, and in the end, there's two more children of God that have entered into the fold of Christ :)
So on Friday, we found out that the Hermanas in our area were leaving. But not only that, they weren't being replaced..their area was closing. I think it was because of the low asistencia in church. It was really tough because they bring a different spirit to the ward that the Elders just can't bring. Plus my Idahomie left :( But then later that day, Nicolas (our 8 year old investigador) and Haime (the Hermana's 60 year old investigador) had baptismal interviews and they both passed! So that meant that they were going to be baptized the very next day! So Saturday came, and we had to clean the baptismal font and fill it (which took 3 hours to figure out..) It was actually kinda fun ''baptizing the spiders in it''. Then I had the opportunity to baptize Nicolas! And the Elder Wirthlin (in our ward) baptized Hermano Haime. Super fantastic day. It was so incredible to see both of them all dressed in white. And their clothing wasn't the most pure thing about them. They have a clear countenance, and pure spirit now that they have been baptized. It was so incredible to see the changes in them because there was literally a difference in them. They were both beaming ear to ear :) Oh yeah.. haha so the water in the font isn't heated like it is in other places. So it was freazing cold. And Hermano Haime about died when he got in. After he was completely soaked head to toe and was leaving the font, he yelled ''¡FRIASO!'' before we could close the doors. It was hilarious! Everybody was dying laughing haha.
So yeah, that was my week! We had a tough time saying bye to the Hermanas, but they have been called elsewhere for a reason. Just trust in the voluntad de Dios y todo serán perfecto! I love you all! ¡Viva Perú!

Not sure where these were taken? 
Some kind of tunnel

There are some ruins nearby

Looking down at Cajamarca

Another view of Cajamarca

Feeling Good

I think he may be imitating a photo that David took on his mission?

That's right! 1989 - Sao Paulo, Brasil!
Cajamarca Missionaries 
Pizza Peruvian style

Clean Baptismal font and no Spiders

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