Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 14 "ay está" December 7 - December 13 - (Cajamarca)

Jonah had another incredible week.  His letters are so inspiring, they make us want to do good things, be better people - Thank you Elder Babbel.  He seems very happy in his emails that he sends.  He says being a missionary is the greatest thing he has ever done in his life.  He enjoys it more than anything (except maybe running and eating good food).  He is looking forward to Skype with us on Christmas afternoon (I would venture to guess that we are looking forward to it even more).  We have figured out that his letters are transitioning from the interjection "haha" to "jaja" - which mean the same thing.  Factoids - Jonah says that Cajamarca (the city he is in) translates to "Box Brand" and the area he is in is one of the few that has a waterfall (picture below)

So this past week was a week of miracles! It was super incredible to see the fruits of our labors this past week in church. As you may recall, or may not jaja, the asistencia in Baños Del Inca is slightly below par as of right now. We were usually getting around 80 to 90 people at church every week, which is almost enough to take us from a ward to branch. But anyway, this past week, we worked our buns off. And in church we had 114 people show up! It was pretty jaw-dropping jaja. So yeah, I guess work does work :)

This past week, we also saw one of the coolest things ever happen. So about a week ago, we taught about the Sabbath Day to one of our Menos Activas. She has been struggling a lot and hasn't been able to find work for a long time. But when we did teach her, we gave her a promise. That if she would come to church and sanctificar el Dia de Reposo, she would find work. It was a super spiritual lesson, and I really felt like she was going to come to church. And she did! And then this week, she found work! It was super sweet! We've been learning a lot about having confidence in our callings, and part of that was having faith in our promises that we give to people. The mission has made me have more confindence in this every day. Jaja, I'm believing less in casualidad every day too :)

Also, our fellow missionaries in our ward had a baptism, which was super cool! I'll send pictues of them in just a sec.

Oh yeah! And on Thursday, we all travel to Trujillo for a 4 day Christmas program! All of the mission! It's gonna be out the hood and off the chain :)

Yeah that's all folks. Love ya bunches! Besitas! ¡Viva Perú!

One of the few waterfalls in his area

Always the goofy one!

Jonah's district of missionaries on the waterfall outing

Behind the Waterfall

Another baptism - and no those Elders are not super tall.

Because they were running late getting to Church, Jonah thought it would be quicker to give this youngster a lift!

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