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Week 15 "Box Brand jaja" December 13 - December 20 - (Cajamarca and Trujillo)

A great week with a Christmas program in Trujillo and a visit to the Trujillo temple. The Christmas program took place in the Trujillo Plaza de Armas a famous central square in Trujillo (one of the first places Peru declared their freedom from Spain).  After the two nights of concerts they collected about 900 names of people who would like to hear more about the church.  Every word is filled with excitement and we are looking forward to a Skype call from Jonah on Christmas afternoon!
So this last week was full of a ton of stuff. Like a lot. It was super awesome! So as you may remember, we traveled to Trujillo on Thursday of last week. We left at about 10 in the morning and got there at around 6 at night...all on a big sweaty bus with no air conditioning. It was awesome! Really, I could be doing anything with my zone in the mission and still have a good time. Well almost anything jaja. Anyway, we found out when we got there that we weren't going to be staying in other missionaries rooms. We had something way cooler for us jaja. We stayed in the Mission Temple Hotel!!! We were the first missionaries to be able to, and lemme tell ya. It was nice. First of all, it's like 30 seconds walking distance from the temple, and then the rooms are killer nice :) Best shower of my whole mission, and it'll probably stay that way unless we go there again jaja. Anyway, Thursday night, we had show de talentos in the casa de mision and it was way fun! I played the piano which was pretty lame, but there were some hilarious skits! Plus, Presidente Marler, is like super way good at playing the guitar. And singing. And both at the same time. But yeah, that was an awesome day :)

Then, on Friday, we went to the Temple for the 7:00 session and it was amazing. The temple is actually pretty big! It had a room that fit all of the missionaries from 3 zones, Presidente y su esposa y el presidente de templo y su esposa (50ish people). Then later, we had a 3 hour practice for our show that night..jaja which was way too long but whatevs. Then we had the show in the main plaza de armas en el centro de Trujillo! And like 400 people came! I got the play accompaniment for an Hermana that was singing, which was pretty fun :) But serioulsy there is soooooooo much talent in our mission. There's an Elder, Elder Manly, that before the mission was in a band as a guitarist and lead singer. And right before he turned in his papers, he got an offer from MTV (something like $100,000) to play for them, but he turned it down to go on his mission. And he sang and played! It was tear jerking jaja :) But yeah that was an incredible day. But because I accompanied someone, I had the opportunity to stay for an extra day in Trujillo for the concert the following day which was way cool!

So on Saturday, we basically did the same thing, but with the other zones that weren't there the day before. But because it was Saturday, there were about 150 more people that came to watch! It was so crowded :) Also, I finally got to see Elder Wynn, Elder Herde, and Elder Mead!!! My hometown brotha! It was just another incredible day. But yeah, we stayed in the Asistentes room that night, and had a way fun time. Then we came home on Sunday on another big sweaty bus with no air conditioning, and right now I'm completely wiped. Hopefully I'll catch up on some sleep this week.

Well that was my week! I'm so pumped for Christmas and the all of the joy that we can experience celebrating the birth of Christ! It'll be super awesome to be able to share the words of Christ on the day centered in Christ. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! From the bottom of my heart! Y una Feliz Navidad! Y prospero año en Felizidad!   Great song by the way :)   ¡Viva Perú!
One of the families Jonah is teaching had a calendar of Idaho! 
At President Marler's House

President Marler "shreddin' it"

Trujillo, Peru Temple

Reunion with Elder Mead
Can you Find Jonah?

Some of his old Missionary District from Banos del Inca
Christmas concert in Plaza de Armas, Trujillo
One more Concert Picture

 Elder Quiroz, Elder Rareba and Elder Babbel good to see all of the missionaries together.

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