Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 18 "WTHeck" January 4 - January 10 - (Cajamarca)

It has been a great 12 weeks and the training is over.  There are some mixed emotions as Jonah and Elder Salinas will be parting ways.  Elder Salinas has been assigned to a new area and Jonah will now be training a new missionary.  He told us that he had a "feeling" that this might happen.  He will be traveling to Trujillo this week to pick up the new missionary (n00b) from the mission office.  He is sad to lose a good friend but also excited to start something new.

Hey guys. So this past week was pretty big. So as you may remember, we had cambios. And some stuff went down jaja. I'll just get right down to the nitty-gritty. So I got a phone call Saturday night at about 8:00 at night, from the Asistentes. And that can literally only mean like 4 things on the night of cambios. So I answered it and talked with Elder Marshall (the single greatest missionary to walk to earth jaja) and he gave me an assignment! I'll be training this next cambio!!!!! WHAAATTTTT??? I KNOW!!! So yeah, that was just nuts. I'm gonna be going to Trujillo tomorrow morning, to pick up my little n00b (I don't know who he is yet), and then I'll be training him for the next 2 cambios (3 months). I feel so stinkin nervous right now, but so stinkin excited at the same time. But yeah..when I got my call, it could only mean one other thing. Elder Salinas had to leave. He just left this morning back to his old zone Esperanza! And for those of you who don't know the mish life, that never happens jaja. He was just there in Esperanza and now he's heading back, so he kinda had mixed feelings about it. But he's gonna be companions with one of his best buds, so he was pretty excited about that. Big changes :) (pun intended lol)

Oh yeah, also some other stuff happened this last week. So Carnival is like a big thing in South America. Especially in Brazil aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd... Cajamarca!! So apparently it's like way bigger here than even in Lima, which just blows my mind. Basically what happens, is everyone just throws water balloons at whoever they freakin want in the middle of the street. And also buckets of water. It's super crazy jaja. So we're always walking down the street all nervous-like, with all these crazy people with water. And right now is summer break for everyone so there's niños everywhere in the streets. It's pretty dangerous here right now jajaja.

Well, that's about it actually. I'll send pictures of more Carnival stuff later this cambio (it doesn't actually start until February but people are already celebrating a little early jaja). I love you guys! Keep emailing me! ¡Viva Perú!

A crazy rubik's cube 


At Church with recent converts

Beautiful Banos del Inca

Almost a Llama

A family of the Banos del Inca Ward

The Bishop's Family

Vasquez Family

Recent Convert - Hermana Delicia

Another cute Family

Cute Kids

Pensionista Placida and  Family

That is literally the whole taxi
Tough Goodbyes

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