Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 19 "Asumacha" - January 11 - January 17 - (Cajamarca)

Training week! Jonah has a new Companion Elder Rios, he is from Lima and is 25 years old and a recent new convert to the Church.  Jonah expressed some nervous excitement about training a new missionary.  He and Elder Rios are going to work hard and have success.  He also shared a few photos of chicken feet.  These particular chicken feet happen to not be attached to a chicken and are on his plate and in his mouth.

So this past week has been pretty intense. Pretty crazy. Lots of stuff going down. And it's all FANTASTIC!!! :) This week has truly been lo máximo. And here's why..

So the first part was kinda sad jaja, but that's okay. Elder Salinas se fue, and he was seriously just such a great companion. It was so great to get to know him super well, and I know that this isn't gonna be the end of our friendship. We're already planning on coming back to Cajamarca together jaja :)

But on Tuesday, I traveled to Trujillo to pick up my hijito :) I went with Elder Logan, he has one more cambio than me, and he's is such a cool guy! But yeah, we kinda had the same feelings of insufficiency before just because there's a lot we need to learn with our Spanish. But yeah, the 8 hour trip was as good as any other 8 hour bus ride through the winding mountains of Peru at 13,000 feet elevation jaja. But we got to Trujillo that night, and we had a 1 hour training with the President, his wife, and the AP's. Jaja, 1 hour of training and nothin more. Then, Elder Logan and I got to sleep in the casita behind the mission home..which is way killer fancy. It's where all of the General Authorties always sleep when they stay in Trujillo jaja. And we also got to have an hour long convo with the President and Sister Marler, just the four of us, about stuff not related to the mission. It was super cool, and they just get cooler every time we talk with them :)

ANYWAYYY... the next day in the morning we had the opportunity to get to know our kids! And my hijito is Elder Rios!!! He is seriously the And I have no idea why there's not a picture of us on the blog, but yeah that's all good. He's like 5 foot 1 lol, and a straight power house. The crazy thing is this.. He's 25 years old, and he's only been a member of the church for about a year and 5 months. Which is so crazy that he's already out here serving a mission! He is seriously so cool, and has one of the best testimonies that I've heard in my life.

Alsooooooo... We've had a ton of success in these past 4 days together. Hugo Vasquez is going to get baptized this Saturday!!! After investigating the church for about 8 months! And maybe the rest of his family too! And I get to baptize him!!! It's gonna be a great couple of cambios with Elder Rios. Seriously, we're gonna get work done :) 

Yeah, so that's kind of a short version of all of the craziness this week, but I don't have a ton of time. I love you all so much!!! Chauskis!!! ¡Viva Perú!
Another day, another chicken foot. Or two :) 
Umm..yeah :)
The niño. (Nicolas and his cousin)  These two kids are stud muffins :)


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