Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week 20 "woah-ha-ha-ha-hooo" - January 18 - January 24 - (Cajamarca)

Just a quick update from Jonah.  Sounds like he working hard.  Hoping his emails get a little longer but he did send a lot of pictures this week! 
Buenas Tardes, todo vosotros, faz de la tierra :) So we had a pretty killer week this past week of January in the year 2016. Some real fun stuff went down. WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! :) (fotos to come) One of our investigators, Hermano Hugo Vasquez, has been investigating the church for the past 8 months (pretty dang long). And just this last Saturday, I had the opportunity to baptism him! It was such a way good experience :) So the baptismal service this past Saturday was super awesome! Usually, we only get like 25ish people to come to the baptisms here in Baños del Inca, but this past week, we got 45ish people to come! It was truly a blessing, and we all knew exactly why. Because Hermano Hugo is the BOMB!! Literally everyone in the ward knows him already because he has been going to church with his family for the past 7 months, every single Sunday. It was just super cool to see all of this culminate in this past Saturday, but the work is not done jaja. We are still working really hard with Hermana Melisa but the timing is just a little off (one way to say it jaja). She's 8 and a half months pregnant so she's not sure if this is the best time to get baptized (by immersion lol). Well...not really a lot else happened this week, we've just been working super hard with this family, and now we're preparing them to get prepped for the temple. That's the best thing about the mission in these days. I think beforehand, the focus was baptism, but now the focus is the temple. We continue to work with the converts of the church until they make it to the temple doors. And we get to go through the temple with them, which is by far the coolest part! So if they're all ready to go before I head out, I get to go to the temple with them, no matter where I'm at in the mish :) I'll be anxiously waiting for that day :)

Wellllll...I love you all so much! Keep on keeping on! Also the church is true :) ¡Viva Perù!
These cool Incan window thingies :)

Me and the hijo

Me, Elder Logan, and our hijos :)

It got rainy

It's still rainy jaja

Cool bridge thing



Bugs lol

Way cool Spider


I'm pumped, Are You?

Us and the Fam :)

Us and the part of the people that attended but not actually all of them and the Fam :)

So cute :)

Us again.

Elder Rios. U da best

On a very sad note.. our Bishop left to go work in Chiclayo.. this is a picture of his last day here with us (yesterday). He is seriously such a great guy. Hope we can get a new bishop that's just as fly :)

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