Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 21 "police police police police police police police" - January 25 - January 31 - (Cajamarca)

Sounds like another amazing week for Jonah.  It sounds like he doesn't even have time to eat, which I doubt.  He was asking for a recipe for pancakes.  We are going to try and make a Peruvian dish - Papa a la Huancaina

Jaja, if you're wondering why the title is just police 7 times, it's because this is an actual coherent sentence in English. And that's why every Latino in the mission hates English so much jaja. So this week has been just jammed packed with a ton of teaching. We have been working super dang hard, and I haven't had any time to take many pictures (sorry mama). But we've been working way killer hard to teach as many people as possible. Basically we don't even have time to eat lol. But it's been really great, and I've been sleeping super well, despite my rock-hard bed jaja. We had some really cool experiences this past week, where a lot of people have just completely opened up to us. Sometimes basically random strangers. But we've been really successful with finding the needs of every person and really doing everything that we can possible to help them with the gospel. That's been something that I've learned..the gospel is literally the answer to everything that we do in this life. Not just for missionaries, but for every person on the planet. We were talking with this one lady, someone that we had literally just met, and she told us every problem that she had in the whole world. She's had it super duper rough, and it was tough to just listen to all of it. But she was like crying and sobbing, and told us that she never cries in front of anybody. We basically tried to comfort her the best we could, but not just with our words, but with the scriptures too. And it really helped! This last Sunday, she came to church, and we're hoping that she can make friends in the church, and eventually be baptized in the future.
Also, this week we got attacked by a freakin huge bear thing. Pretty sure it was actually a dog, but it was the size of a small bear lol. It was 8:30 at night, and this big thing jumped out of the bushes and started chasing us. It was absolutely flippin terrifying. We were just sprinting down the road, trying not to poop ourselves, and then Elder Rios (5 foot 1ish), turned around, yelled, and chased it back into the bushes where it came from. It was stinkin hilarious! X) Glad he's my comp, or else I would have died lol.

Well that was basically our week, just straight work and bear hunting. I love you all so much! Stay the words of Elder Hunt (in our district). Chau Chau! ¡Viva Perú!

So this is some kind of fruit thingy. Idk. I just picked it and ate it. It was super good though!

Also, it's pretty gross how you have to eat it lol

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