Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Week 22 "hello erbody" - February 1 - February 7 - (Cajamarca)

This past week I sent Jonah some Spanish tongue twisters so he could practice some pronunciation and have fun with kids.  Here are a couple to try: ¿Cuántos cuentos cuentas cuando cuentas cuentos?  and Yo no compro coco, porque como poco coco como, poco coco compro.  So have fun with that.  Jonah has been experiencing Carnavales and as he says in his letter Cajamarca is the designated Peruvian capital of Carnival.  I think he will be glad that this is finally over.  Here is the latest update:
Helloooo!! So this past week that we had was pretty great! ¡¡¡¡¡We had an Alma Rescatada!!!!! And in our mission, they're equal to baptisms, which means pretty good stuff. Her name is Katherine and she's just great. She was baptized 4 years ago, but then went inactive after 2 years, but now is progressing rapidly in the church. She just received a calling as a Primary teacher (Valiant 9) and is gonna kill it :) One of my favorite things to do is to teach less actives. It's just so great. They always have this super sweet spirit, and have already felt and known the truth..they just need to re-recognize it :) So this past week, we actually have had two P-Days, just because of the delay with emailing. We went to Baños first, which was pretty cool, but a little too touristy for me jaja. But just yesterday, we went to this way cool place with 2 waterfalls! And they were just so stinkin pretty :) I've got a lot of pictures to send this week, so don't worry Mom jaja. Also, as some of you may know, a thing called ´´Carnaval´´ exists here in South America. And Cajamarca, is the capital of Carnaval jaja (at least in Peru). AND IT WAS INSANE!!! Basically what happens, is there is a massive, free-for-all water battle for about 2 weeks, every afternoon. And when I say free-for-all, I really mean it. It's crazy locaso. You just get pelted by waterballoons from the rooftops, and people riding in the back of trucks dump buckets of water on you. But this last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.....they switch the water out for paint jaja. So basically what happened, is we had to stay inside our rooms, because we're either in white shirt and ties, or our suits jaja. Also, half the people are drunk and stumbling around in the streets, which can get a little sketchy jaja. But yeah, we had to stay in our rooms basically the whole day on Saturday, got to go to church on Sunday, and then we were oustide of Cajamarca on Monday (the waterfalls). I was hoping to pintar y mojar un pocito, pero no lo sucedió lol. So that was basically what happened this last week..staying in rooms, getting pelted with waterballoons, and an Alma Rescatada! Wuju :) Oh yeah, one other cosita, my brain has been going kinda wack these past couple of weeks, because sometimes I try to talk in English, and Spanish comes out. Or if I'm explaining soemthing in English to other gringos, I say words in Spanish a lot jaja. It's really cool, but it hurts your brain at the same time. It'll be so cool to be completely fluent in the future (de cual estoy esperando puedo lorgrar jaja). ALrighty-righty, love you all bunches!! Keep on keep onning ) ¡Viva Perú!

Ok - so lot's of photos here.  Some were taken at Banos del Inca.   The other pictures are at a nearby waterfall.

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