Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 24 - " Duuuuudeee..." Feb 15 - Feb 21 (Cajamarca)

Last week Jonah built a house.  That's right, with the help of 4 missionaries and 12 members of his ward they built a house in 4 hours!  With some simple materials consisting of wood for the beams and walls and corrugated tin they built a house for a family in need.  He said that it is extremely sad and the conditions for many families are desperate.  He is just glad that they can do something to help.  Jonah says that they have opportunities for service on a daily basis. Here is a bit more about his week. 
So this last week was pretty wild. A lot of stuff went down..and we really got a lot of stuff done. And we have some of the best dang news ever!! Unless I already said it....I don't remember very well. But we have a couple that's going to get sealed in the temple this week!! We've been working super duper hard with them, one was a less-active for about 15 years. But just this last week, he had an interview and was an Alma Rescatada!! Equal to a baptism!! And the two of them also had their temple interviews and are heading out with the ward this Thursday to get sealed!! Super way cool :) He just received the Melquesidec Priesthood this Sunday, and it's been way cool seeing him pass the sacrament. By the way..they're both in their 80's, and just the cutest couple you've ever seen. Unless you've seen my parents and/or grandparents :) But yeah anyway, they're off to Trujillo this Thursday night (still don't know if we can go with them or not, but we'll let you know next week jaja). But yeah, this last week, Elder Rios and I had the way sweet opportunity to go to Trujillo for a new missionary training thing. It was sooooo sweet!! We traveled there on Tuesday afternoon, and then slept the night in the Zone Leaders house over there. Then we went to the Temple the next morning!!!! At 6 in the morning....jaja it was pretty early. But then we had this way cool training with Pres. Marler, his wife, and the Asistentes. We learned a whole bunch, and are ready to apply literally everything jaja.

But yeah anyway, as far as the missionary work goes..we have 2 baptisms planned for the 5th of March! Two 8 year olds, one is the son of Hermano Hugo, and the other the cousin of my first baptsim :) They have progressed a ton..and we might see more baptisms due to their help. The cousin of my first baptism (Erick) is the first to be baptized in his family, and the others are now interested in the church because of it. We will see what we can do to help them all grow closer to Christ, and maybe eventually head out to the Temple to get sealed :) Love this work! We're brining families together forever..something that I took for granted at home.. If your family is sealed in the temple, thank God everyday for that blessing. If your family is not, work towards it! :) Love you all bunches! Stay chill

Trujillo Temple!
Trujillo Temple!
Trujillo Temple!

Familia Chavez Flores, Hermana Faustina had her b-day :)

Accompanying Sister South at Cajamarca Fireside

Piano Solo at Cajamarca Fireside
At a training meeting in Trujillo

With missionaries and President and Sister Marler in Trujillo
Road to Trujillo

Rice fields :)

More of the Roads..
More Road jaja

Straight Thuggin..also I bought a leather hat. It's way cool :)


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