Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 25 - "Wait what...for reals?" Feb 22 - Feb 28 (Cajamarca)

If you haven't noticed in the many photos that Jonah has sent there are some common themes.  He likes to make silly faces and he likes to jump.  We have enjoyed all of the pictures of the scenery around Cajamarca and are a bit jealous of the green landscapes as winter is finally coming to a close.  Always positive his emails are infectious and give our week a wonderful lift.  

So this week was insane. So insane that I forgot to say hi to everyone. Hi! Everyone! So yeah, it was just jammed packed with insanity, and cool stuff, and some of the happiest stuff in my life that's ever happened to me :) It was a good week.

So first off, we didn't know if we would be able to go to Trujillo with our Alma Rescue....until the day before. And we couldn't. It was a super bummer, but they still got to go! They traveled Thursday night to Trujillo, sleeping on the bus, got endowned at 7 in the morning, and then got sealed at 12 in the afternoon. It's something that I don't really know how to describe. What we were able to do with this couple is just incredible. They are now insured an eternity together, mano en mano :) They are an incredible couple, and have so much to look forward to together in the next infinity years :) I can't believe that Elder Rios and I have had this incredible opportunity to just be a part of this blessing that they have. SO COOLLLL :) 

Any way, so on Thursday, we had an unexpected surprise come our way. So we've been teaching Hermano Hugo a little more, but more with his wife and son. Right now, his wife (Melissa) is like way super pregnant and is ready to give birth for the 1st of March (tomorrow lol). But we were talking a little bit before our lesson with her and her son, and she straight out told us ``I'm ready to get baptized. This Saturday''. We were all like ''wait what...for reals?''. It was just a huge schock, but a really good shock. Like really REALLY good :) She was just talking to her husband the night before, and they really talked out the whole situation..and she was assured that it was a blessing that couldn't wait any longer, no matter the circumstances. So we planned everything out super quick, got her interviewed, and then we had a baptismal service on Saturday! And Hermano Hugo, who has the priesthood, baptized her!!!!! It was so awesome!! The two of them are just the sweetest couple ever, and they have their goal in mind. They understand that baptism never was the end goal. They understand that they shouldn't just stop in their tracks and get less blessing than they deserve. They are already in the process of planning their trip to Trujillo, one year from now! They're gonna get sealed!! It's gonna be the coolest thing ever, and we are just so pumped for them. I love their family so much jaja. And Marcelo is planning on being baptized this Saturday, or maybe the next one, just a little timid with going underwater jaja, but he still has the desire. 

This work is the bomb! It's just the greatest feeling in the world to be a part of the blessings people can have. To be the messengers of the good word :) There is literally nothing like being a missionary. If you are contemplating going a mission..quit with the contemplating already and just go! Dude it's way sick :) You only have one chance to do it like this, so you better take it. I love you all so much! ¡Tenga una espectacular semana!

Oh yeah real quick, so Saturday was basically the most insane day of my life. We woke up, showered, ate breakfast, and studied. We got a phone call to go do some service, so we left at 9:40. But when we were leaving, the key got jammed in the door, and we couldn't get it out. We tried for like an hour, which included removing our bathroom window, jumping through it (it's tiny and I'm not lol), and using a spare key to open it from the inside. Nothing worked. We finally called a guy and he came, broke the door down, and replaced the lock. We left to the service, moving someone into a new house, at 11:15 got there at 12. One of the Elder's was lifting something heavy, his foot slipped, and the thing fell and cracked his head open. He just got out of the hospital last night, and is doing fine now jaja. We start doing the service, but everyone else had to leave to go and teach people, but we stayed. We were the only two Elders there to help a family of 6 move in to their house...that was up on a huge hill so we had to pack everything on our backs and load it up to the house. We got back to our room at 3 from the service, at lunch, showered, and went to our baptism. It was just insane....lyyyy awesome!! :) YEah, that's it. Peace out lol 

We went to the cross again! 

Baños...our area. Just like home :)

Me and the kid lol

lol jumping pictures

slightly better jaja

more jumping..with a cross

Don't really know what this is..think I'm flying or something?


baptism again!!

Primary Class
Got my x-mas gift from the ward!! On Feb. 17!! yah!
one at a time ladies ;)

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