Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 26 - "Wuuuujuuuuuu :)" Feb 29 - Mar 6 (Cajamarca)

Jonah thinks that he may be getting taller.  I'm not sure if it is the Cuy or the Exotic fruits that he is eating or it may be that the average height of a Peruvian 5 feet 4.7 inches.  All we know is that he looks tall and happy!  Jonah has a new Pensionista (this is what the missionaries call the wonderful person who cooks meals and does laundry for them)  He was sad to see his last Pensionista (Placida) move but his new one is an amazing cook and he is quite excited about that.  Lots of super photos after his letter so read on...

Hello everybody! How yall doing?? We had a flippin fantastic week these past 7 days, and now I'm here to share it with you. So we've been teaching this family for the past 2 months or so, and they're just so awesome. Elder Salinas and I found him in his last week here. The youngest one in the family was outside playing soccer with a bunch of other kids, and so Elder Salinas and I joined them for a couple of minutes. It was super fun, and Elder Salinas and I smoked em all lol. But then we talked with the youngest kid, Jack Erick (super white name huh?) and he introduced us to his family. And just this last Friday, Erick got baptized!!! His older brother is progressing a whole bunch, and also his mom is just about to get baptized, but just needs to get married first. Her husband is finally listening to us, and actually really enjoys it. He came to his son's baptism and to church the next Sunday, and is looking like he will get married and baptized with his wife and son soon :) They are truly an incredible family, and so devoted to what we teach them. They love reading and praying as a family, which has really helped them a whole bunch. 

In something called ``The Family..A Proclamation to the World``, you can learn a whole bunch about the family, and the importance of it. Just search it on Google and it'll come up on the first thing. One of the things that it says is that the family, if based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, will become closer, more united, have more love one for another, have more trust, and better communication. I can testify to this. We have seen it in Jack Erick, and his family. They have grown closer, and love one another more than ever before. If you haven't read the Proclamation, read it! If you have, read it again! More than anything, read it with your family, and apply what it says. I'm not making this stuff up guys, I can promise each one of you that it will help you and your whole family.

Welllllllll...the rest of the week was jam packed with teaching, service, and other super sweet gospel stuff. I'll have to tell you guys about our new pensionista next week. She and her husband are literally the funniest people that I've ever met in my entire life. We seriously have such a good time at their house. They're a little more humble than Hermana Placida, especially their house, but I've had some of my favorite memories with them just in the past week. That's basically everything! I love you guys so much! Remember to read the Proclamation! Chauskis!! :)

Above Cajamarca

Santa Apalonia - above Cajamarca

Santa Apalonia

Cashew fruit with the cashew nut on the end of the fruit

Elder Rios and Jack Erick

Jack Erick and Family with Elder Rios and Elder Babbel


Future meals!

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