Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 29 - "Trueheeyooooohhhh!!!!" Mar 21 - Mar 27 (Cajamarca)

This week while in Twin Falls I received a couple of photos of Jonah and his companion at the Baptism of Marcelo and at another missionary farewell.  The photos were sent by Placida, his former pensionista.  Even though we couldn't talk with Jonah, it was fun to get some photos at the actual time of the event.  He also says that he is so glad to be in Cajamarca because it is much cooler.  It sounds like other missionaries are jealous of his current location he is glad to have been in Cajamarca.
Hello vosotros!! So this last week, we got to go to Trujillo!!! Another 7 hour bus ride where none of the entire flippin road is straight!!! Wuuuujuuuu!! For some reason, the bus ride seemed especially terrible jaja, and about half of the people in our zone (or like 15) threw up! Yayyyy!! But I didn't so that was pretty nice. Jaja, there was one Elder that literally threw up 8 times. That's like more than one time an hour lol. But anyway...we finally got to Trujillo and we found out that we would be staying in the Temple Hotel again, which is just the best. Seriously, it's just a huge step up from any other room in the whole mission. The shower is just glorious. There's moderately hot water and it comes out in a full stream instead of a trickle lol. Be grateful for you showerheads in the U.S. okay?? And also hot water jaja. So yeah, we stayed there that night, and then the next morning we had a session at 6am! It was super early, but it was still fantastic! I learn something new every time that I go to the temple...trying to follow the example of the Apostles that learn something new every time as well. And then afterward, we had a multi zone training! And there were actually more than just one zone this time!! It was super great...but super hot. I was seriously sweating like a pig the whole time, and really need to wash my suit jaja. Ew. Bueno, after the whole training, we had a little time to buy some stuff in the temple store, but then we headed straight back that night at 10pm. Which really sucked eggs jaja...We arrived in Cajamarca at 4am, and had about 2 hours to sleep that night, because it is literally impossible to sleep on those dang buses. When you're 6 foot, leg room doesn't exist in Peru jaja. But that same day that we got back, we had a baptism! It was super awesome! Hermano Hugo baptized his son Marcelo (por fin lol) and then I confirmed him the next day in Church. It was a super great week..not a whole tone of work got done just because we were travelling a whole bunch and stuff, but still a great week :) Oh yeah..and then on Sunday, I had two more surprise musical numbers!! That I didn't know about until 4 hours before! But it all turned out alright, so nobody freak out okay? I'm talking to you Mama.

Welllll, that was about everything that happened this last week! We are looking to have some Almas Rescatadas this coming week, so I'll let you know everything next Monday. Alsooooo, a super incredibly large shout out to my little bro SEEETTHHHHH!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! IN LIKE 4 DAYS!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH BUDDY!!!

I love all vosotros too, have a great week. Stay cool, and say your prayers. Chau! 

My new record..this thing is quick :)


The original BaƱos Crew :)

Hermano Hugo baptized his son Marcelo...he's got the same amount of baptisms as me jaja

More baptism pics

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