Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 28 - "helloooo|" Mar 14 - Mar 20 (Cajamarca)

If you remember last weeks email about a zone training that related the Atonement to pushups and Jonah had to do a lot of pushups, I wanted to add an update.  Sister Nielsen who is in our Stake is also serving in Cajamarca in Jonah's zone and she sent the following letter and photo that I would like to share: "We had a zone meeting and they were talking about the atonement. I'm sure you guys have heard that story where they kid in seminary had to do 10 pushups for every donut for the students in the class. Well, we did the same thing. They asked Elder Babbel to do the pushups for our candy. At first everybody was cheering him on, but by the time he got to 10 or 15, he began crying. Everyone was crying. (Im getting goosebumps just thinking about it). When they offered me my candy all I could do was accept it. I looked at Elder Babbel and he smiled at me through his tears and got down to do 10 pushups. Man, I wish you guys could have been there. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I just wanted to hug elder Babbel afterwards and thank him for it...(But I couldn't) so we just shook hands for a long time haha. We both cried when I told him thank you. He is so awesome. I told him that I would get his picture sent to his mom. If you could do that...that would be awesome. Tell her that her son is amazing."
Jonah said his face is really red from doing so many push-ups!
Here is the latest news from Elder Babbel
Hi everybody! So this last week has been crazy insane! We've been working like mad dogs, and have really been seeing the fruits of everything that we've done. It's been a way sweet week in the terms of missionary work, and I'm way excited to see how it's going to turn out later on. Sooooo...basically what's happened this week, is we've had a ton of success working with the ward. It has been super great to see all of the work that the ward has been doing in these last weeks. Usually during a week, we have about 4 to 7 lessons with members, but this last week we had 15! It was super great.. but the best part of everything was what happened on Sunday! So usually we have anywhere from 80 to 100 people at church every week, which is actually better than it has been in the past. But this last week, we had 128 in the church! Including 2 families that are less active and haven't come in years, but Elder Rios and I have been visiting them recently, and they came! It has been a super good week in terms of things like that....might be kinda boring to you guys but really it's been one of my favorite weeks of the mission. Also, Marcelo (Hermano Hugo's son) is preparing to be baptized this Saturday!!! His dad is going to baptize him and it's going to be fantastic! Also, we are going to be travelling to Trujillo this Thursday to go to the temple as a Zone, and also have a multi zone training with President Marler which is gonna be sick as all get out :) Wellllll...sorry I don't have a ton to write about this week, basically just a lot of work jaja. I did learn some new words like sacolargo and pisado which are some jergas and super hilarious to use. Don't call anyone a sacolargo or tell them that they're pisado without knowing what it means.....jaja it's hilarious :) Yeah, that's just about it! I love you all so much! Keep saying your prayers! Work hard everyday! Oh yeah! A huge shout out to the Toone family!!! Thank you so much for the Christmas card and gift!! Very much appreciated :) Chauskis!

On the roof of an investigator's home

jajajajajaj...vienna sausages. Better come and buy em here Arin :)

New record :)

A blurry picture of a spider flying around in our room.

My new notebook of the ''Blacks and Pleace'' I think it's Black Eyed Peas, but hey, maybe they're a new band that came out while I was here jaja

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