Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 23 - "Disculpe este tecla no pasa nada" Feb 8 - Feb 14 (Cajamarca)

A little more info regarding Carnaval from the previous post. Jonah said that they had to stay in their apartment most of the week. He got caught up on some sleep, did some reading and played Monopoly. He is glad to be out working again. A few other items.  He has acquired a taste for Inca Cola and manzanilla (a few Peruvian drinks. Sorry no pictures this week, so I will add a few. 

Jaja, We'll see how this email goes, my keyboard is super crap. But yeah! Hey!! How is everybody?? How was Valentine's Day? It was super great here, but maybe for different reasons than the norm jaja. This past week has been so fantastic, and I kinda forgot to tell you guys some stuff last week. So on this last Saturday, we had our interviews!! And they were just so fantastic. I love having one on one time with the President. He is seriously so awesome. I swear he's gonna be an apostle. I have learned so much from him, and will continue to learn more and more every day. We talked a little bit about the Jaredites when they were travelling. We talked about the impossiblity of everything that happened with them. We know about the rocks that lit up and everything, but the most impossible out of everything, was the fact of the travel. In boats with no sails, rudders, only the wind and the waves to guide them, all 8 of their boats safely landed on the same beach, at the same time, almost 1 year later. That is not an act of chance. That is an act of God. I hadn't even realized that until he mentioned it to I invite all of you to take another look at the book of Ether. And for those of you that don't have a Book of Mormon, ask my mom :) So yeah the interviews were super great. But then the next day, we had a stakewide fireside!!! It was so fantastic. Everything was about Jesus Christ and that he is our Savior. And there were a bunch of musical numbers, and videos, and talks, and testimonies. And we know that when there are musical numbers, I have to play. Every time lol. So I got to play 1 solo, accompany 3 other groups, and then play for the choir! Super stressful jaja..Also I got like all of the music 3 days before hand. But it all turned out okay again! And Hermano Hugo also got to bear his testimony in front of everybody, and it was just super powerful, and a great conversion story. And because of it, his son now has a baptismal date for this next Saturday! And he gets to baptize him!!! So we'll see how all of that goes :) Well....that was basically the week. Lots of walking, teaching, but then those two great things on the last couple days. Still digging the mish :) Love all of you so much!! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! EN ALGUNOS DÍAS!!!!!! cuz i cant write you later jaja. Love ya bunches :)

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