Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 35 - "HEllooo!!!1!!" May 2 - May 8 (Trujillo)

It was amazingly awesome to Skype with Jonah on Mother's day.  He is so happy.  Always the happy positive Jonah that we know.  The Zone he is working with is fantastic.  There are more Sister missionaries than Elders in his district and he said it brings a different more mature spirituality to their Zone.  Their zone went to visit some ancient ruins and pyramids in their area and there are a ton of pictures.  The place they visited is called Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna.

Hey! So this week has been just fantastic. Incredible. Stupendous. I got to see my family wujuuu!! It's been a long while since I got to see them face to face, and those moments don't go underappreciated (there's only four in two years jaja con razon) But yeah, I just love my family a lot. And it's so great to see them when I do. But I'm also here in Peru, serving, a long ways from home, because I love them. I think I have grown to love my family more than ever, since I've been out on the mission. I have also grown to appreciate the family I have even more. I have also been able to understand the importance of families more. Families are so important, it's crazy. Without them, the world would devolve and disintergrate until it was complete chaos. The world needs families, and we need to be in families. They are the most important relationships we will have in this life, so we should do and sacrifice everything for them. Let's all show more love to our families, because they're the best thing we've got. Always put your love for your family above any flaw they might have. I'm putting a link to this awesome video at the bottom of the email. It's super awesome! And it's probably one of the most important lessons that we can learn in this life. If you want success in the family, watch it and apply it!

Anyway....This week has been super busy and super crazy. We had this council meeting with all of the zone leaders in the whole mission, with Pres. and Sis. Marler and the Asistentes. It was incredible! Then we did this awesome service for a non-profit elementary school. It was super sketchy and dirty, but we made it a little less so jaja. We've got a zone training tomorrow, and we've been planning a whole bunch for it....because we have to teach most of it. 

I'm loving life a lot. The mission is the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life, and I'm only a third of the way done. So excited for the next 16 months!!! Also...I've got some sweet fotos of some ruins in Peru for this week! Look it up for some of the info, it's called Templo de la Luna y el Sol (Temple of the Moon and the Sun). I love you all so much! Check out the video! Stay classy!

best zone pic ever

The plaza de armas in Trujillo!

Elder Babbel and Elder Price

Random members from Spain that were here, that's cool

McDonalds is in my area jajaja

We like corn flakes I guess

Cooking our dinner.

Cooked to perfection

The first little room thing is for human sacrifices. Yummy!

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