Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 36 - "Hi everybody!!" May 9 - May 15 (Trujillo)

As a Zone Leader Jonah is involved in planning a lot of meetings.  At one of these meetings they were revealing a goal.  In the pictures you will see that they used color filled balloons to paint the board and reveal their goal.  I think they had some input from Sister Missionaries to help make their meeting creative.  He also has a great story about a man named Ronald who turned his life around and made his family the most important thing in his life.

Hii everybody!! So this last week has been super crazy awesome!!! It's been so intense, there's a lot of stuff going on right now. But the best part of the whole week by far was the baptism we had on Saturday! It was so great. So here's the background story. Ronald Grados and his wife Carmela Ochoa are incredible. They live here in Trujillo, own a restaurant, Ronald's a lawyer, and they are the best. They have 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. 7 years ago, their son got baptized at age 18, but he stopped going to church after about 3 years. Then, about a year and a half, the missionaries came there and baptized the rest of the family and reactivated the son. But they could never baptize the dad. So for the next year and half, the missionaries battled constantly with this guy. But he was one of the muy pocos de Perú, and didn't believe in God. But just recently, he's realized the existence of God. He's seen incredible changes in his family and realizes that it could have only come from a supreme being. When I say changes, I mean it. Before, he hated his family. He never was with them. He did some bad stuff in his life, and he had no relationship with his wife or kids. But in that year and a half, he has made a 180 degree turn. Now, he goes to church every Sunday with his family, he helps out in the kitchen, they have family nights at least once a week, he laughs and jokes with his kids, he spends less time at work and more time with everyone else, he offers service all the time, and if he's with his wife, he's holding her hand. He practically a different man, and even his wife says that ''it's like I married a different person'' jaja. But yeah. I just love him and their family so much. SO GREATTT.. But it was just so sweet to be a part of it all. I'm so proud of him, but more than anything, I'm excited for what he'll do as a member of the church. They already have plans to go to the temple, and I should be able to go!! Just 364 days left jaja. Alrighty....so that was basically it, super cool, I'll send you pictures of the whole thing! I love the support that the ward gave him too, it was awesome. Okeydokey!!!! I love you all so much! The gospel changes life for real! I've seen it! Love you bu-bye! 

So we had a meta reveiling the other day and it was sooooooo cool!! We threw darts at balloons filled with paint, and they spilled out of a white paper, but we wrote 22 in vaseline and the paint just runs of it! So sweet! Thanks Hermana Pineda and Hermana Oteo! jaja

My hidden talent of coins sticking to my face. Get on my level.

The baptism! With us, the family, and the ward :)

The baptism! With us, the family, and the ward :) 
The baptism! With us, the family, and the ward :)

Elder Price goes home "expires" on the 31st of May 2016!


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