Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 34 - "Hello erbody :)" April 25 - May 1 (Trujillo)

It seems that Jonah is adapting well to the big city life in Trujillo.  It is the second largest city in Peru nearly a million people.  He is enjoying working with his new companion Elder Price.  Jonah says that they have more responsibilities now that include planning, organizing and presenting training meetings for the other missionaries.  We thought it was funny that he was worried about gaining some extra weight but they choose to go to the "all you can eat" buffet.  There are 4 missionaries in the apartment Elders Babbel, Price, Dykstra and Linares

Hey! How's it going? What's up dudes? Hey so this last week has been insaaaaaannneeee. I think I'm just gonna have to get used to not sleeping as much, because it doesn't look like that's changing any time soon jaja. But yeah, that's okay, because I basically love every second that I have awake. This past week, some interesting things happened, and it was pretty funny. Elder Price and I were walking down the street, and this truck drove past by us really slowly. The first thing I noticed, was that it was full of toilets. Like just super full of toilets. Like 12 toilets were just chillin in the bed. Then I saw the driver, an old dude, probably 60ish, with a massive white nasty beard. In the passenger seat was either his twin or his wife, I couldn't tell. So they passed by, he rolled down the window, and with a super latino accent yelled, ¨Hellooo!!!¨ Elder Price and I were dying. Super random. I just hope he got to his destination safe with all his porcelain. But yeah, Trujillo centro is just way crazy. There are literally crazy people everywhere. Old people talking to themselves, wearing basically nothing in public. It's delightful. I'm loving it here jaja. We have been eating out more often because we almost never have time to go eat dinner with our pensionista now, so I'm hoping I don't gain weight. But we're also doing wayyyyyy more excersises here. There's a really nice park, super close to our room, and I actually got to go for a decent run there! Por fin! And Elder Price, and the 2 other elders in my room (Elder Dykstra and Elder Linares) are super into sports too, so we go there all the time, play pickup basketball, run, and play soccer. It's super fun.
Well....I didn't have a ton of time to take pictures this week either..but I'll do better! I promise! Sorry Mom jaja. Welp! That's about it! Other than that, it was just proselyting, planning meetings, planning trainings, running errands, doing a whole bunch of crazy stuff, and contacting crazy people. Kinda boring :) ALright!!! I love all of you so much! Casi demasiado! Chauskis!!! 

The plaza!! Better pictures to come maybe next week or pasado.

The crew :) We all bought jerseys

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  1. Wow! Trujillo looks like a beautiful city! I love that he describes the dude in the truck w/ the beard as either the guy's twin or his wife! hahaha. I think the "roaming crazy people" thing must be pretty common. Jack has mentioned it, and his best friend in the DR just mentioned it this week in his letter too.