Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 33 - "No sleep jaja" April 18 - April 24 (Trujillo)

So as we expected Jonah has been transferred to the Central Zone.  He is now a Zone Leader with Elder Price and he loves it!  The central zone is right in the heart of Trujillo.  He is near the mission office and also near the Trujillo temple.   There are 10 Elder missionaries and 14 Sister missionaries in the zone that they are responsible for.  He says that he has a lot of meetings for planning and teaching the other missionaries in his area and that he is getting less sleep.  He did say that one advantage is that they have lots of great Italian, Chinese, Peruvian and American restaurants in his area - great food!

Sooooooo....I'm in Zona Central!!!!!! Jaja, I literally went from the smallest city in the whole mission to the busiest and craziest area of the whole mission! The zone leaders live in the center of the center of Trujillo, with like the plaza de armas and it's just so cool! So yeah, I'm here in Trujillo with a whole ton of traffic, not a lot of green, no more cows, and a ton of people. Also, where I'm at, is just super rich with history. Seriously, there's so much cool stuff that happened here! And it's still probably one of the prettiest areas in the whole mission, just because there's TONS of these 15th century Catholic churches that are just incredible! It's seriously so awesome here. But yeah! I'm with Elder Price! He's incredible..and I already knew him! We were in the same zone in Cajamarca for 2 cambios so we were already friends :) But yeah, he's only got this cambio left in his mission, so he's just about to head home. It's actually super sad, just because we'll only have 1 cambio juntos, and he's already like my best friend jaja. He's got a ton of experience in the mission, so he really knows what he's doing. Thank goodness....cuz I haven't got a clue jaja. But yeah, it's so awesome being a zone leader. Like super awesome. We get to work with the Asistentes all the time and also President. They're always calling and checking up on us. Also, we have monthly meetings with them which makes it super awesome. President Marler is absolutely incredible, so just being able to work with him a lot is such a privilege. Well......the only down side to being a zone leader is that you get practically no sleep. I'm getting to bed pretty late every night, and we're waking up early almost every day too. There is like no time to rest. But I haven't been too tired, which I know has been a blessing from God. I LOVE THIS WORK SO MUCHHHH!!!!!
Oh yeah, so we had a baptism last week too which was pretty cool.....but I didn't really even do anything to have it jaja. Free baptism! But yeah, it was super spiritual and super fantastic. Holy Cow!! I'm just so happy all the time now. Never coming back jajaja. Alrighty...I love you all so much!!! Chuaskis!!

Eating cereal at a preschool table :)

The baptism! Sandra. She's incredible. Her brother baptized her. She's already read the whole book of mormon....just sayin jaja

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