Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week 32 - "wait what.." April 13 - April 17 (Cajamarca)

"Cambios" - Translated that word means exchanges.  That is the time when missionaries leave their previous companion and are assigned to a new area.  Jonah has been in Cajamarca since he left the training center so he was pretty excited to get the news of a cambio.  We did find out that he will be with an Elder Price in the center of Trujillo close to the mission office.  Working as a Zone Leader.  He knew Elder Price previously when he first arrived in Cajamarca several months ago so he will be excited to work as a Zone Leader with someone that he knows.  Jonah says that he is the youngest zone leader called to that position in his mission.

Heyyylooo everybody!! So this last week has literally been the craziest thing of my life. All just because of one phone call. One flippin phone call dang it man.. So on Saturday night, we were waiting for like an hour to get the cambios, just dying of anticipation, and the call never came. So we had a tough time sleeping that night, thinking a lot about what the flip was gonna go down with me and my hijo. So then on Sunday morning, we got a phone call at about 7:30. And it just rocked my world jaja. It was President Marler, and he called me to be a ZONE LEADER!!!! Dude it's so crazzyzyzyzyzy!!! I don't know what the heck I'm even gonna do jaja. So basically, there's 2 companions and one is a senior companion. Then there's 4 companionships per district with one district leader. And then there's like 3 or 4 districts per zone, with 2 zone leaders....and I'm gonna be one of them. It's like a pretty huge assignment....I have a lot less time to proselyte and I'm not gonna have any time to sleep or anything now jaja. And for those of you who are wondering where I'm going....I still don't know jaja. They don't tell the zone leaders where  they're going until we're all in Trujillo. I AM leaving on a bus to Trujillo in about an hour, and I guess I'll email you guys NEXT week where I'm actually going to be, and all that good stuff and the nitty-gritty. Welp...that was basically all that happened. Everything else I've forgotten jaja.

Oh yeah, so I guess just yesterday I had to say goodbye to everyone. Luckily, Elder Rios is staying here in Baños for at least one more transfer, so he knows exactly who to visit, and knows the area really well and everything. But was pretty tough. There were a lot of teary-eyed despedidas, and a lot of promises that I'm gonna come back to Baños to visit them all. Really hoping I'll have that chance, it would seriously make my life to these people again. The last was the hardest, with Hugo and Melissa Vasquez......but I'm gonna see them again during the mission!!!! Because I'll get to go the temple with them when the get sealed in Trujillo in 10 months!!!!! It's gonna be the bomb diggity. Okeydokey!!!! That's about it! Wish me luck in the blazing flipping hot heat! I love you all so much! Say your prayers!! Chauskis!!!

Goodbyes to a future missionary

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