Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week 31 - "Whoops.." April 4 - April 12 (Cajamarca)

Well it looks like this will be the final full week in Cajamarca.  Jonah is expecting a transfer on Monday and may be headed to Trujillo.  He has been in Cajamarca for 24 weeks!  This week he had a migraine and was unable to email on Monday but he is feeling great now.  He did send numerous pictures of llamas and some spiders.  The poverty in Peru is heartbreaking.  Some of the people he visits really have almost nothing, a dirt floor and no running water.
Hello everybody!! So I'm writing today! Had some mixups with some stuff and I couldn't get on until today, so sorry about that jaja. So these last 10 days ish have been super duper crazy! There were elections this last week, and the elections here are insane. Basically what happens is the whole country votes in one day in between 8am and 4pm. And literally everyone has to vote. Everyone. It's a law here, which makes things super hectic and ridiculous. But it was kinda fun to walk around in the streets with thousands of 5 foot 4 Peruvians, when I'm 6 foot and gringo. I stick out like a sore thumb jaja. We don't know who one yet, because it was too close in between 2 candidates, so they're going to have a second vote in June (I think). But yeah that day was insane. Then, the last P day that we had (2 days ago) President and Sister Marler came up to Cajamarca and we had P day with them. It was so hilarious and fun and fantastic. But then something really sad happened....President told me that I'm gonna be heading out this transfer which is the end of this week. It's gonna be super tough to leave Baños and head out to Trujillo where it's super crazy hot, and you basically swim around in your sweat the whole day. But It should be decent....what worries me is if I'm going to have an assignment out there or not. We'll see what ends up happening, but it's possible that I'm called as some kind of a leader.

OHhhHHHHH YEAHHHHhh!!! So a week ago, during or Pday, I found llamas!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!! And I got pictures with them!! But they are so stinking terrifying holy smokes. They spit at you, and they have the most butt ugly mouth that you can even imagine. I thought that they would be super friendly, but they're super aggressive and nasty looking. But yeah, you'll just have to check out all of the pictures.

Welp...I think that was about it for this last week, hope that it's sufficient. I love you all so much! The next time I write (should be Lunes) I'll know where I'm heading out to. So I'll let you guys know then! Chauskis!


Llamas spit on you!
Llamas chase you too.

Creepy statues!

The place they visited with the llamas
Llama hat and Star Wars Bandana

I am a cow.
Cumpleaños of our convert! Jose Sanchez. He turned 86! He's such a great person. He has basically nothing temporally, but has everything spiritually. A lot richer than most of us :)

More cumpleanos pictures.

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