Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 49 - "Hello!!" Aug 8 - Aug 14 (Trujillo)

Papel Higienico.  If you have ever spent some time traveling in South America this is a word you are likely familiar with.  Jonah went through the more than usual quantity this last week, but he assures us that he is recovering nicely.  He has a feeling that he may be wrapping up his time in the Central Zone so we will see what happens next week!

Hello everybody!! We've had an excellent week! Everything is sailing really smoothly and we're all really excited here. This past week has been pretty wild. We had some bigger things happen and a lot of changes announced in the mission. We had a zone conference the other day and it was really great. We talked a lot about Preach My Gospel and being missionaries of Preach My Gospel. We're having a new focus in this so that we can really follow all the words of the Profet and the Apostles. President Marble and Sister Marble are the best! They are super duper focused in the work and are doing everything they can to help us to be focused as well. It's working really well though, because I don't even miss the Olympics! And for those of you that really know me....that's kinda insane. Los Juegos Olímpicos era mi vida jaja.

Right now in the work, things have slowed down a little bit as far as teaching, but we are trying to find some new investigators to teach, and we've been working more with the ward and references. It's been super great getting to know a bunch of new people and really focusing in on the members. We're really excited to keep working here and finding new people to teach.

This next week, we have cambios so that should be super interesting. It appears that we will be having several different missionaries coming into the zone, and it's even possible that I head out. That would be pretty wild, but we'll just have to wait and see. By next week, I will be writing about the cambios that will happen here.

Alright!! I love you all so much! Hope you all have an incredible week! GO USA!!!

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