Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 47 - "Hello" July 25 - July 31 (Trujillo)

Jonah is meeting lots of amazing people.  We are so happy for everything he has accomplished.  In the last post one picture showed that his shoes not only looked enormous but also very dusty and worn.  He said that her polishes his shoes every day but they do a lot of walking and the roads are dirty.  As far as the Abuelita goes.  I'm not sure that bringing home a Pervuvian grandma or two is advisable. this last week has been wild! Super fun, super full, super duper. We've been teaching a lot of people, but also a lot of missionaries. We're always kept on our toes here in Central. Plus we met some way crazy cool people! Someone from San Antonio Texas and someone from Victoria British Colombia!! That was a cool coincidence. They're both here with their spouses in Peru. One speaks Spanish and English basically perfectly (from Canada) and the other doesn't speak a lick of Spanish (from Texas). But it was super weird to talk to them in just English and hear someone speak without an accent! But yeah, my week was great.

So we have been continually teaching an hermanita que se llama Luz! She's the best! She's 58 years old and is basically like my extra grandma. She's hilarious!! I love old Peruvian ladies. I will probably take at least one Peruvian grandma back home jaja! Luz has been investigating the church for about 2 months now, and she is just eating it all up. It was sooooo funny! So in the church, we don't drink coffee and Luz almost threw a fit when she heard that! She loves coffee! She said she was going to keep drinking coffee until the day of her baptism, which is this Saturday!! She said she wants to drink one last nice cup the morning of jajajaja, but we're going to talk to her. Hopefully we can convince her to dejarlo a little befor jajaja. I will be sending plenty of pictures of her this next week.

Alright, I love you all so much! Sorry the time is a little more brief this time o my goodness my english is atrocious (point proven jaja). Alrighty! I love you all! I will write you all next week about the baptism and other cool stuff that happens! Say your prayers and read the scriptures! If you want to be happy, do it. Love you guys! xoxoxo


Central Zone


studying on an interchange

Transporting mattresses in a really small Taxi

pizza hut (milagroso)

pizza hut (milagroso)


More Soccer

my new best 5 year old friend Nathaly!!

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