Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 50 - "Helloooo!!!" Aug 15 - Aug 21 (Trujillo)

Four months in the Central Zone.  Lots of training to do.  Leslie and I had the opportunity to visit with Jonah's previous Mission President and wife in Utah last week.  It was great to hear about all of the great things Jonah how they found him to be such a great missionary and piano player.  We were also able to meet with some other missionaries that know him and one of his companions Elder Marshall.  Here is the latest from Elder Babbel:

Hey everybody!! So just last night, we received all the cambios for the zone!!! And it's gonna be soooo WILD!! First off, Elder Reyes and I are staying the same as zone leaders! We've got another transfer together to work hard and help a ton of people. Other than that....everything else has completely changed! We were literally the only companionship without a single change, so there will be a whole slew of different and new missionaries here in the zone. In this change, 5 missionaries will be training!! That's so many!! Last transfer there weren't any...and one transfer before there was 1, so having 5 new missionaries will be crazy awesome. It's always so much fun working with the new missionaries and helping them to get acostumbrado to the mish lyfe. In our zone as well, they took two sisters out of an area and will be putting in 2 elders so that should be interesting. Also, they closed the other area here in Central so it will just be the two of us, Elder Reyes and I, in the ward and in the room. That'll take some getting used to just because I've lived with 3 other missionaries for the past 4 months now jaja. But yeah, we're super excited for all of the new changes and for the new challenges that we will be able to face. Elder Reyes and I are going to have a blast this change!!

So in terms of the work......we found a family. And they are soooo dang great!!! We got a reference from other missionaries in the mission that had talked with the mom of the family, Denís. So we received the reference and went to go visit them and they are just so ready and great. Denis and her husband Pablo and their 3 kids, Pablo, Paulo, and María. They're a family that has been going to several different churches, participating in everything, and then coming home feeling empty. They have been looking for something more fulfilling for a while now. The night before we came, they had prayed as a family to be able to find spiritual guidance and support. The next day, by ''chance'' we showed up at their door. They are now receiving the lessons and came to church just yesterday and LOVED it. We invited them all to be baptized and are still working on a date. This family is sooo great we just love them so much!! I will be keeping you all updated with everything in these next weeks, maybe with pictures/videos of the family. Wuju!!

This last week has been amazing! Just a great week full of excitement and success. We are doing great here and are just loving every single millisecond of it. I love you all so much!! Hope you have a wonderful week!! Say your prayers, read your scriptures, and do your own stinkin laundry come on man. Love you all!!

Nathaly mi amigasa!!

Aidee!! She gave me a hand carved and painted bird from Iquitos!! Elder Green!! (Jonah looks freakishly huge)

Elder Maddocks and I found Lightning Mcqueen!!!!

Jaja this guy is so great, his name is Walter.

Elder Reyes caught drinking again ah dang it

Elder Turner and I eating tacos!!!

Ward activity!! Argentina!!! Jaja, my shirt is a club from Argentina called Boca Junior (I stick out so bad lol)

Elder Linares and I on his last day here in Central (today playing soccer in the morning)

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