Thursday, September 1, 2016

Week 51 - "?" Aug 22 - Aug 28 (Trujillo)

In this installment Jonah attached a video of himself reading the scriptures in Quechua.  What he neglected to attach was email about his week!  Leslie was able to get a bit of information from him in a short email that he sent to her.  Part of that will be posted below:

For right now, there's just two of us in the room. Mostly, it's about the ward. The ward has less members here so there's less work to do, so there's only two missionaries. We are most likely staying in the room because during cambios, a whole bunch of missionaries from other zones usually stay the night with us so we need to keep a bigger room for those cases. It's going a lot better with Elder Reyes. We are working hard and learning a lot. Dennis and Pablo are doing great....Dennis felt the spirit sooo strongly in our last lesson. We talked about eternal families and she cried like a baby watching a video of the Trujillo temple. They said that they want to have an eternal family really bad and that they will work hard to have one. WOW. They are incredible. Great that you can get that better insight!

Yeah, but I'm still at 11 months for right now jaja love you. Great to hear about Seth!! He beat me dang it.... that's okay, he can beat me for Freshman year. But for Sophomore...that's not okay jaja. (Seth raced in his first high school XC meet and beat Jonah's time from his freshman year - Seth has bragging rights now)

Playing soccer with Elder Reyes, Elder Carmen and Elder Turner.

Familia Ochoa!! Leaving to go proselyting together!
In the dirty room jaja

Quechua!! Pronunciation Guide not included jaja

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