Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 54 - "I love borrachitos" Sep 12 - Sep 18 (Trujillo)

Spiritual experiences can happen at surprising moments, even with a borracho.  In this week's installment it is great to hear about how lives are changed on all sides, the quiet seeker of truth, the teacher and the drunk.  Service is also a part of missionary service.  Some photos are attached of a service project that the central zone missionaries and local church members completed.  They spent all day cleaning up and beautifying a local park in the city of Trujillo.

Hey guys! I bet you'll never guess how my week was!! Jaja, yeah it was pretty hectic, we had such a crazy day Saturday, But it has been so great!! The busier you are, the happier you are. That's the rule of the mission. 

This past week has been super lleno of great experiences, more than anything with Alfonso Gutierres, the investigator that will be baptized this Friday!! He is so sweet! We just love him so much, and has been able to progress a ton. This last week, we have been working with him a lot, and getting him prepared for his baptismal interview. The interview was scheduled for Saturday, and on Friday, we had a super cool experience with him. We were teaching about a few principles just to get everything cleared up for his final interview, and he was understanding everything, but we just didn't feel REALLY sure if he was going to be ready to be baptized. He's kind of a quiet hermanito and has always been that way, so we didn't really feel his excitement about baptism. But we continued with the lessons, asked him why he wanted to be baptized, and at the end, we still didn't feel super certain. But we asked him to say the prayer at the end, he said yes, and started right off, just like any other normal prayer. Near the end of his prayer, he choked up a little bit, and said, ''thank you God, for letting me know the truth. Thank you for letting me baptized in Thy church''. It was such a special moment, and the Spirit hit us really hard. It was such an incredible blessing to be in that room and here the pure gratitude that Hermano Gutierres had for finding the true church of Christ. He might be timid and quiet, but his testimony is bright and burning. We are excited for his baptism this next Friday!!

So on another note...we had several encounters with drunk people this week. It was hilarious! They always yell either one of two things. ''Mormones!!'' or ''Gringo!!''. They usually ask if we can ''preach them the word of God'' and then they just can't leave without getting a hug from a gringo. So yeah, I've hugged several borrachos this week, it's been wonderful. Haha, I hope I don't offend anyone in saying's just kind of new and funny to me. Love you all!

Okeydokeyartichokey!!! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! Busquen el Espíritu!! You'll find and feel it if you really look. Les amo con todo mi corazoncito!

The Obispo and I went on splits! That happened on our crazy Saturday

The Obispo, Alfonso, and I

The Crew

We did Mormon Helping Hands!!!! It was so cool!! We cleaned a big huge park with the missionaries in our zone and a ton of members!! I didn't mention it in the email, but it was sweet! Saturday morning!!

Almost the whole zone with the selfie stick yahhhhh

Me and Elder Miessner. We're goons

It was somebody's birthday. Not sure whose. But yeah we took a picture so that's cool

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