Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 55 - "What a good stinkin week heh" Sep 19 - Sep 25 (Trujillo)

One of Jonah's favorite places to go is a member owned restaurant called Gringo Loco - Burger Grill.  There are some pictures following the letter.  There are also pictures of them heating up the water for the baptism (story below).  He may be transferred next week and is kind of hoping he could go back to Cajamarca.  They do have to take a long bus ride but he says the buses are actually pretty nice.  He said they actually have bus line called Cama.  Cama is the Spanish word for bed.  So I guess they don't have seats they have beds.  Unfortunately the missionaries don't get to take those ones.  I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next week.  Whatever it is, he is excited and always sounds so happy!

What a good stinking week. This week was great! We've been doing a lot of stuff for the zone lately, getting everything ready for the transfers that will be happening next week. It's been pretty wild actually, but hey, I literally say the same thing every week haha.

So during this week, we found out that we need to find 4 new rooms and 2 new pensionistas within the zone. It's usually hard to find 1 room and 1 pensionista so it has been a wild race! We have 1 more week to find everything and it's actually been a super huge blessing doing this. We have found several new people to teach while looking for these rooms and we also have been able to work more closely with several different ward councils. We have been trying to receive help from the leaders in each ward, which has required a lot of communication and organization. And the power of convincement. And patience haha. But it looks like we are going to get it all figured out and find several new investigators in the process.

On Friday, Alfonso Gutierres was bapitzed!! Hahahah it was such a stressful day. He's 76, has garganta problems, and only had time that night to be baptized. And the really stinkin cold. Sooooo, we borrowed a big huge pot from the Ochoa family and also a briqueta (a thingy that you put charcoal in and then start a fire underneath and it heats the pot). We brought it to the church, and began starting fires right there in the chapel haha. We got the water all ready, and then left our ward mission leader to start dumping 10 gallon pots of boiling water into a baptismal font......never thought we would do something like this in my life. Anyway, we left to go proselyte, and then came back at 6:30 to get the rest of everything set up. By that time, we had put in 3 boiling pots into the font......enough to raise the temperature by about half a degree hahaha. But yeah, he was baptized, we had 2 people ready with a whole bunch of towels and then we warmed him up and everything. He told us''it was so cold that I almost died'' but we assured him that he wasn't going to die and that he shouldn't worry because his baptism of the spirit and by fire would be much warmer on Sunday haha. Then he got all changed and got up to give his testimony. It was the best dang testimony I've ever heard. It was so powerful and real and great. His daughter (an investigator) was there and started crying. The Spirit was seriously so strong. I won't ever forget when he said ''I testify that it is NEVER to late to repent''. What an incredible experience. Hermano Gutierres es lo maximo!! We confirmed him a member on Sunday and is ready to start going to the temple soon. We explained to him about eternal marriage, and already is very excited to be sealed to his wife that passed away over 15 years ago. Man! The Gospel is just so true. And happy. Love it.

We have been keeping busy here in Central. We have our cambios next week, right after Conference, so we will see if I stay here another month and a half, or if I'm heading out. I will let you all know by next week!!! I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!! Keep doing your best and if you're humble and have faith, God will do the rest. Chauuuu!

Gringo Loco!! Owned by members

Super good hamburgers!!!

So that's a grilled cheese bacon burger. A Grilled Cheese, burger, bacon, tomato, cheese, and then another Grilled Cheese. SOOOOOO good mmm

Here's the owners. She is from Trujillo, he is from Texas. They have such a wild story haha.

Elder Quispe and I had an incredible interchange Wednesday!! So much fun, such a great Elder.

Elder Reyes and I heating up the water!! So crazy haha

Hermana Alfonso!! Wuuujuuu!! 
Hermano Grados (one of our recent converts from 4 months ago) baptized him!

Hermano Antonio and Hermano Dervin! Celebrating Antonio's birthday! The 2 of them are recent converts that are getting their mission papers ready

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