Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 52 - "1 year" Aug 29 - Sep 4 (Trujillo)

This week's letter from Jonah was extracted from an email to Leslie.  I added in the questions that he was responding to to help clarify.  A few other interesting stories.  Jonah met a man who works with 

Did someone teach you how to speak Quechua? it just is pronounced how it is written which makes it easier. I don't know what it says haha. Yeah the time is longer, it's just we are usually so busy that we have to go early anyways...kind of a bummer. The week was great!! We had a lot of work to do.. We had the concilio for the whole mission on Tuesday which was great! We learned a whole bunch about using the Book of Mormon more in our teaching. It was super helpful, and we've been applying it a lot in the area. The investigators are understanding a lot better the Restoration. Then we had our Zone Conference (the one where Elder Reyes and I teach everyone) on Wednesday.  On Thursday we went looking (door to door contacts) It's been a crazy week jaja. What do you do on P day? Pdays are write the family, eat a cool lunch, and then do stuff for the zone haha. That's usually how it goes, but it's super fun! Have you visited any ruins or interesting places in Trujillo? No...there's not any ruins here...it's just the city. But that's okay. I realize now that Cajamarca is just the best place ever for P-Day. We saw some pictures of Pacasmayo do you think you will go there? Pacasmayo is super great! Super pretty, but soooo stinking hot. The new missionaries are doing great! From your last pictures it looks like you bought a selfie-stick?  Yeah..haha it was only 7 soles...which is like 2 bucks. Everything is so cheap here jaja. We heard that you have to watch out for girls looking for cute Americans (referred to as snakes)? Yeah if you're not careful the Peruvian non-members mostly are creepy. Especially for gringos. Yep jajaja snakes. I know why I'm here, I won't have any problem with anyone don't worry.  I love you so much!!! 

Elder Babbel

So here is the small world story (Que, pequeno es el mundo, No?)

So you are not going to believe this. But I'm here in Trujillo, and there's this guy named Alexis who is in charge of all the water and repairments of apartments for the whole entire mission. We happened to see each other in the baptism of his old companion's daughter. They served in the Lima mission that includes Cuzco, so I said, hey! There's a guy in my ward that served in Cuzco and he told me everything about Peru and how great it is here. His name is Tom Blaisdell. Alexis, kinda stood there..thinking. And he said....''I know him!!! He lived in my room!! He lent me his suit coat when I was a Zone Leader heading to the Concilio!!!'' Do you remember an Elder Valdiviezo??? He says he totally remembers you!! He said you were a brand new missionary and was just starting to learn the language. He says you were hilarious when you got frustrated with Spanish hahaha!!

Alexis is doing great! He just got married in the temple last month (haha took him a while)

Jonah and Alexis Vadiviezo

Buscando cuarto!!

Ward Baptism!

Ward Baptism!

Tomy!! My favorite dog.

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