Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 53 - "Hello everybody!!!" Sep 5 - Sep 11 (Trujillo)

So we are back on track for a full email from Jonah.  I'm not sure what Vagaso means but we are glad that Jonah is no longer one.  He was very happy to go to Chile's restaurant last week.  Apparently every meal in Peru is rice and "something", so a burger or sandwich and fries was amazing.  For those of you who wonder if he is still running, his advice is to look at a picture of his companion and you should be able to tell if he is running or not.  He also assured us that he still loves to run and will be doing more of that when he gets home.  Right now his heart is set on working hard and being the most obedient missionary possible.

Heyyyy....how have you all been?? Sorry, I haven't written a big email in 2 weeks, I was just being a vagaso.  But hey! I'm back! I love you all so much! 

So just today, something kinda funny but really special happened. So Elder Reyes and I are always taking taxis everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE. We have to go drop stuff off, pick stuff up, and we're the closest Elders to the Mission Office in the whole mission, so we're always running over there to do stuff for the office elders and stuff. Anyway. We were chapping a taxi heading over to the office and I always like to talk to the taxi driver so I always jump into the passanger seat. I started talking with this guy, Eduardo, and he was super great! We were just talking normally, and then he asked me where I was from (like everybody does because I'm super gringo), so I asked him what he thought. He told me...''I don't know...maybe a different planet''. So I laughed and asked him why and he just asked. ''Why are you so happy?'' I told him sometimes I don't really know why I'm so happy but I know that's it's because I follow Christ and that I belong to His Church. He said that it was almost weird how happy I was, but I thought that was weird because I felt pretty normal. I kind of realized in that very moment, that we are just so blessed and sometimes we kind of forget. There are sooooo many reasons for the world to be sad and grumpy and serious, but there are sooooo many MORE reasons for us to be happy if we have Christ in our lives. We're sending the missionaries to Eduardo's house, and hopefully he can feel and experience his own happiness. Missionary work is so great. It's just a happy work.

So in these past few weeks, things have been going great! We found a few more people that are progressing towards baptismal dates for this 24th of September so that's great! Daniel is 24 years old and is from Colombia but lives here in Trujillo. He wants to be baptized, has come to church twice, and might even be thinking about serving a mission. He's wonderful. Also, there's Alfonso, he's 62, has come to church like 30 times, and was being taught by the other missionaries. We went there the other day and found out the reason why he hasn't been baptized yet.......he's worried about getting sick for being in the water for too long. We had to explain to him that you're in the water for literally less than a minute and the water is lukewarm and isn't even cold. He got all big in the eyes and said ''I can get baptized then!''. It was pretty funny!! But yeah, he will be baptized this 24th of September as well.

I love you all so much! I'm doing and feeling great here in Trujillo, just loving every minute of it. Be happy! Follow Christ! Read the testaments of Him and say your prayers every day. It's the best way to be happy! Love you!!!!

We went to Chilesssssss!!!!


Elder Turner and I

Elder Reyes getting his hair cut

He's really enjoying it jajajaja

Elder Meissner from Georgia! He's a new missionary and we had an interchange.

He's lighting his hand on fire with handsanitizer. It was a great interchange

Elder Turner and Elder Meissner had a baptism!!

Hermanita Rosita!!! She gives us breakfast and is the most converted lady to the gospel I've ever met!!! I love her so much!!!!

Peru Problems..... I can never see my face in the mirror dangit

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