Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 56 - "hey...sorry I'm late" Sep 26 - Oct 2 (Trujillo)

Another transfer and Jonah stays in the Central Zone!   He really does love the zone he is in right now.  This last week he has been helping to secure some new 'pensionistas' (a church member hired to cook meals and do laundry) and to find new apartments for the new missionaries that will be coming into the zone.  There are some new Sister missionaries that will be joining their current Ward and he is glad they will be there to help.  His current companion Elder Reyes has just 12 weeks remaining in his mission so he may finish with him.

Hey guys!!! What a stinking wonderful week!!!! CONFERENCIA GENERAL BROOOO!!! Man it was so good. So so so good. Just really inspring and tear jerking and spiritual and man its just the best i just get so excited about it sometimes holy smokes. Yeah, Conference was so great. This year, I did something that I had never done before that was really awesome and that I will continue to do until the day I die haha. I wrote 10 questions that I had and that I wanted to be answered. Not just spiritual questions, but basically any question that I had. I wrote them all down throughout this past week, and then Saturday and Sunday during conference, I looked for the answers. I got them all. And more. It was so incredible to see how personal conference was, and to have so many individualized questions I had answered in such a short time. Conference is inspired. Conference is personal. Conference is life. Man. So good seriuosly. Anyway, we had a wonderful week, working hard and finding a few more people to teach. We have a couple baptisms planned for this month and I think we are going to be able to figure it out.

Oh yeah so by the way, we had cambios!! Elder Reyes and I are going to be staying together for our 3rd transfer!!!! I love CENTRAL!!! This will be my 5th transfer here and I think I might as well just serve the rest of my mission here because its just the best haha. I was super blessed to be able to given 6 more weeks here, and maybe 6 more after that. It makes it so much easier to connect with the ward and find out the needs and desires of every member and ward council leader. Elder Reyes and I are going to rock it!! So a couple of other things, two sisters are going to be moving into our ward so we'll be back up to 4 missionaries again! Thank goodness seriously, it's hard with just 2 missionaries here. So much work to do haha. Also....coming down from Cajamarca is.......Elder Mead!!! We both went to Vallivue and he's going to be a district leader here in Central and it'll be so awesome!!!! We're going to have a blast here in the zone.

I love you all so much. Sorry for the minimal detail, we're a little apurado hoy dia, but I really do love you all. For those of you who read this blog every once in a while, I invite you to watch general conference. Just go to and it will come up with a big thing saying how to see, listen, or read the talks. It doesn't matter what faith you have, I can promise you all that any video you watch will boost your day and you'll feel something really special as you listen to each one of their words. I love you all! Mantegense frescos mis amiguitos.

The food was so good that they didn't look for the pictures haha it was dang good

This was the Spicy Baja!! Wowzers it was delish

We got a reference to come to this pasaje haha it was the second floor.

 went up, and knocked the door.....nobody was there, but we'll come back. haha those stairs were so sketchy, good thing I haven't gained weight lol

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