Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 58 - "Faith is real bro!" Oct 10 - Oct 16 (Trujillo)

It is great to hear Jonah's stories about all of the people he is meeting.  It is great to see how much faith he has in missionary work and the Gospel.  When he writes I can just feel the excitement in his words and I can his great smile.  Jonah was very excited to receive a package from home.  One of his favorite things is Chewy Spree candy, which they don't have that in Peru.  He also misses peanut butter so he was excited to get that too.  There are just some things you can't find in Peru.

Wowwwwww!!!! Hahaha, this week was so great!! There's just miracle after miracle here in the mission and it's so dang cool to be a live spectator of it all. It's been so wild in these past few days, working with the investigator that I mentioned last week, Diego. Diego, as in the one with his doubts and his uncertainty. But hey! Doubt your doubts dang it! Doubting is easy, faith is hard. Don't give into doubts. Diego has had a wild swing in this past week and I'll just tell you all a little bit about it.

Diego Aguero is so great!! His girlfriend, an active member in Palermo -which is a different stake here in Trujillo- introduced him to the church about 2 months ago, and we recently started teaching him 3 weeks ago. He used to not believe in God and was really kind of down and depressed about life. Hope is something that is really hard to have or to even grasp if you don't believe in God or Jesus Christ. Hope would be pointless, an emotion, and chance, if God didn't exist. Anyway, that's a different topic. Before Diego got to know the church, he told us that he was really cold and didn't feel the things that he did. Kind of like he was empty, but didn't realize it. But little by little, the spirit opened his heart. Through the church, the book of mormon, and prayer, he started to feel things. We were worried a little, because maybe he was just kind of going along with what his girlfriend wanted him to do, but this last sunday, he had the trial of his faith, and he did wonderfully. His girlfriend, Rebeca, has a calling in her own ward, so she couldn't come this last sunday, so Diego was going to have to come on his own. Rebeca called us before church that morning and said that he wouldn't be coming because he worked Saturday night all the way until 6am Sunday morning. When we walked into the church, we weren't expecting to see Diego there. But there he was, already seated in his normal spot, with his head bobbing from drowsiness, but still 10 minutes early. It was so great seeing him there! We taught him later that day, asked how he felt about his baptismal date and said that he was confident that is was what he needed in his life. Diego's interview is for tomorrow, and we are excited for his baptism on Saturdaymorning. He is so great! A true convert, experiencing true repentance. The Spirit really works wonders, and it has been incredible to see how Diego has changed so drastically in such a short time.

Everything is going well here in Central, we had our Zone Training on Tuesday and Interviews with President Marble on Wednesday. We are seeing progress in the zone, area, and personally. Elder Reyes is my best friend with his big ol' barriga. Love him to death. We are work hard and see miracles every day. I'm so grateful that I got to stay here in Central for an unexpected 5th change.

I love you all so much! Have a wondeful week! The Church is True, the book is blue, wwwuuuuujjjjuuuu

P.S. Love you Mom and Dad so much. Thanks for rekindling my love for peanut butter


Sprees. Smells good.

Peanut Butter1!!!!!11!! Yeshhhh


An apple. It wasn't actually in the package though

 found a nativity set!!
Even Baby Jesus has his little chullito (the little hat thing. Original from Peru!)
My juggling kit

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